SFC II Patch v2033 - v2036

This is the patch for Starfleet Command II: Empires

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SFC II Patch v2033 - v2036

This is the patch for Starfleet Command II: Empires at War bringing you up to date from See more information for details.

Star Trek Starfleet Command(R) Volume II: Empires at War(TM)

Patch Readme File

28 October 2002

WARNING: *If you have a modded ship list, this patch will replace it*


To create an account on GameSpy for the first time to get on

Dynaverse II: you enter your email address, a password, a nickname,

and press the button "Create New Account" on the Dynaverse II Login

screen. Or enter information from an existing GameSpy account.

Then press "Login"!


01 Table of Contents


01 Table of Contents

02 Patch Changes

03 Installation Instructions

04 System Requirements

05 Copy Protection

06 Manual

07 Default HotKey List

08 Taunts

09 Known Issues

10 Trouble Shooting

11 Bonus Files

12 Technical Support

13 Technical Support (UK)

14 Legal Stuff


02 Patch features and fixes in by the KhoroMag patching team


1 General instability in - fixed.

1 Dyna SQL Compatibility with MySQL 3.23.52 and MyODBC 3.51.03 - fixed.

2 SQL political tensions bug - fixed.

3 Disappearing fighter/shuttle icons bug - fixed.

4 Launching shuttles or fighters now voids any WW.

5 AMD damage being multiplied by number of players in a multi game - fixed.

6 Point defense phasers firing at objects out of arc - fixed.


02 Patch features and fixes in by the KhoroMag patching team


New Features

1)Erratic maneuvers now fires instantly, requires 1 turn to recharge (like OP).

2)Hitting Shift-ScrollLock during red alert will save many of your ship's settings which are applied on any future red alert. (Data stored in Assets/WeaponGroups/WQSB.ini)

3)Code recompiled with optimization for speed instead of size.

4)Fighter repair, rearm, and regeneration changed:

**Maximum fighters regenerated is equal to 1/2 of the ship's deck crew.

**Rearming and repair/regeneration occurs at the same time.

**Rearming costs 1/2 turn per fighter in the squad at the time it docks.

**Repair costs up to a full turn to repair any damage to the damaged fighter.

**Regeneration costs 1 turn per fighter.

**Repair and Regeneration cost is combined.

**The maximum time is therefore the maximum of repair/regen or rearming.

**The user interface shows two progress bars however they are identical and this unfortunately cannot be changed without artwork changes. Therefore you will not be able to see the individual repair/regen and rearming progress.

Patch Fixes

0)Client game film recording is working again.

1)Fast Repair Bug fixed; all repairable hardpoint slots must be at 50% health to operate.

2)Fixed repair time of multiple slot hardpoints to match the number of weapons in them.

3)Fighter control icons will no longer disappear unexpectedly.

4)Direct-fire fighter weapons are now ready to fire first shot after 8 impulses, and can fire one shot per turn after that (except disruptors which are 2 shots per turn).

5)Heavy PF weapons are now ready to fire after 8 impulses, and follow regular charging rules after that.

6)Fighter minimum speed set to 20.

7)Shield reinforcement is no longer applied to downed shields when taking damage.

8)Dynaverse 2 patrol missions no longer award a win to players who disengage.

9)Spare parts standard and maximum values in Dynaverse 2 space dock fixed.

10)Starbases destroyed during a battle are now removed from the Dynaverse 2 map.

11)Saved game difficulty is now enforced when reading in a single-player campaign.

12)Unfinished repairs are now completed automatically at the end of a mission.

13)Unused shuttles are now converted back to admin shuttles at the end of a mission, including recovery of resources used to create them.

14)Damage to the damage control system no longer affects repair times, since damage control itself is an unrepairable system.

15)Multiplayer (GameSpy/Dyna) networking tuned; effects of lag may be reduced.

16)Hellbore charging cost reduced to 2.5/turn, holding cost is also 2.5.

17)Volley cycle (mizia) interval changed from 1/20 turn to 1/32 turn [true impulse].

18)Overlapping PPD shots no longer cause too many volley cycles (mizia).

19)Plasma I defensive firing made smarter (like Plasma D in last patch).

20)Proximity photon to-hit table change: 83%/67%/33%.

21)Phaser-G hardpoint charging status indicator fixed.

22)Phaser-G multiple-slot hardpoints can now fire all shots.

23)Phaser-G point defense fixed to count shots correctly.

24)Phaser-G now honors shift-Z "fire all" command.

25)Phaser-G can now be fired if there is just 0.25 energy in the capacitor (previously 1.00 was required but it only used 0.25).

26)Phaser capacitor no longer loses charge when a phaser slot is destroyed.

27)Phaser slots that are destroyed now recycle their ready state.

28)Phaser point defense no longer shoots as Plasma D.

29)Plasma D, Plasma I, phaser point defense, and ADD systems will no longer waste shots on dead things that just haven't disappeared yet.

30)Plasma D and Plasma I will no longer waste multiple shots at the same target.

31)Plasma D reload time increased from 1 turn to 1.33 turns.

32)User-made plasma race ships with ADD hardpoints now fire ADD rounds instead of Plasma D shots from the ADD hardpoint.

33)Plasma D and ADD hardpoints now correctly show offline state in display.

34)Shotgun plasma capacity now based on current setting of weapon, not the hardpoint type.

35)Shotgun plasma no longer wastes unnecessary shots on fighter groups.

36)Shotgun plasma no longer fires more than one plasma at a regular ship.

37)If ADD shot at a shuttle, it would only shoot once then completely disable itself vs. the shuttle.

38)ADD damage versus shuttles and fighters was incorrect; [0..5] fixed to [1..6]

39)ADD12 reload time is now 2 turns instead of 1.

40)HET attempt during EM lowers success rate by 16%.

41)EM and WW launch now void any active ESG field.

42)ESG now delivers correct damage to kill fighters (previously some ESG energy was wasted).

43)Single fighter group no longer drops multiple ESG rings unless energy expenditure warrants it.

44)Mine detonation on ESG ring when user changed radius UI control fixed.

45)Hydran UI for ESG panel (multiplayer only) fixed (buttons were messed up).

46)ESG radius indicator is no longer drawn if the ESG cannot fire (destroyed hardpoint).

47)ESG capacitor and hardpoint now lose charge/ready state when destroyed.

48)ESG field that is 'warming up' will no longer cause drones to miss a Lyran target.

49)Cloak can no longer be engaged while being tractored.

50)Tractor lock on a cloaked ship negates the range doubling effect.

51)Switching from hold to repel now drops tractor hold.

52)Switching from hold to repel, or repel to hold now resets tractor capacitor.

53)When the tractor system is destroyed it will no longer charge holding cost because the capacitor is emptied automatically..

54)Speed 11 changed from 5 seconds/turn to 10 seconds/turn.

55)Assault shuttles now require 4 marines to create, and subtract none on impact.

56)Removed debug code that wrote to "EWdump.txt" on every single phaser fire.

57)Plasma I restricted to one shot per firing ship per turn, when firing at starship sized targets (non fighter, PF).

58)Plasma holding costs reduced as follows (first number is normal, second is eneveloping) R(4/5), S(2/4), G (1/2.5).

59)Shield regeneration due to labs, lowered slightly.

60)BPV adjusted upward for Missile G ships.

61)Escort ships received a BPV increase.

62)BPV increase for Plasma I torps removed.

63)Docking "weak" fighters will no longer transform them into stronger variety (i.e. Hornet.I magically becoming Wasp.III)

64)Launching fighters now voids WW.

65)Disengaging in Dynaverse assault missions (Planety, starbase, etc.) gives leaving player a defeat.

66)ESG vs Hellbore interaction re-added.

67)Cannot complete mission "Dropping the Hammer" - fixed.


02 Patch fixes in by the KhoroMag patching team


1) Damage allocation fixed.

2) Added option to allow game host to specify hidden race and/or BPV in multiplayer ship select screen.

3) Weapon hardpoint user interface enhanced to show individual slot status.

4) Destroyed hardpoint slots now lose their charge and cannot hold a charge.

5) Mines now detonate if your actual speed is fast enough to trigger them.

6) Mines now arm instantly if the ship that dropped them is destroyed.

7) ADD effectiveness was too high and has been corrected (die roll was off by 1).

8) ADD effectiveness is now reduced when EM is used (add 1 to die roll).

9) ADD now correctly does 1d6 damage against weapon-type shuttles (SS, SP, WW, GAS).

10) ADD12 repair cost lowered to 4 (SFB value).

11) EM in a multiplayer game now properly updates attack shift on all computers.

12) EM voice no longer plays if user cancels EM countdown.

13) ECM now affects seeking weapons properly.

14) Fighters can no longer dock with their mothership if they are being held in a tractor lock.

15) Fighters no longer receive disruptor feedback at Range 0.

16) Fighter fusion corrected - can no longer fire at Range 3 (2.99 max).

17) Fighter photon corrected - can no longer fire at Range 5 (4.99 max).

18) Fighters now carry the correct number of missiles based on the ftrlist.txt file.

19) All weapon shuttles now require 6 internals to kill (previously only 1 internal).

20) Suicide shuttle launch now properly voids a wild weasel.

21) Double-clicking to make multiple shuttles of the same type simultaneously is prohibited.

22) Shuttle conversions no longer remain on-screen when the 'd' key is used to slide panel away.

23) WW launch now properly updates the attack shift on all computers.

24) WW corrected to generate 6 ECM (was 12).

25) WW speed has been reduced to 6 (was 12).

26) Defensive shift now shows proper value when a WW is valid.

27) Defensive tractor hotkey now works properly when tractor system is damaged.

28) Ship explosions corrected: Damage < 10 is Range 0, otherwise explosion is Range 1.

29) Film filename longer than 70 characters no longer causes a crash in the film room.

30) Ships with 32 or 64 marines no longer mysteriously lose a marine 7 seconds into the simulation.

31) Each PPD pulse is now a separate volley.

32) PPD stops firing if target moves out of firing range.

33) Damage for each PPD pulse is now calculated when the pulse hits, not when the user fired it.

34) PPD damage versus fighter groups has been fixed.

35) Missile racks no longer lose a missile at startup.

36) Space dock now works correctly with missile racks having more than one standard reload (like DroG-2).

37) missiles cannot slip past an active Radius 0 ESG at high speeds any more.

38) ESG now triggers active mines to explode. ESG absorbs what it can, remainder hits ship.

39) ESG no longer does more damage than its maximum when firing up and targets are in the radius.

40) ESG no longer hits ships on your team that were captured from other teams.

41) ESG power request corrected for multiple ESG hardpoints.

42) ESG ring radius corrected to be consistent with other direct-fire weapons.

43) ESG ring is now drawn at the exact outer edge of the damage radius.

44) ESG ring is now drawn at the correct size on all computers in multiplayer and film playbacks.

45) ESG field now drops if the hardpoint is destroyed.

46) ESG now hits enemy Wild Weasels and Probes in the ring.

47) Shield reinforcement effect on enveloping plasma and hellbore feedback corrected.

48) Phaser damage against incoming plasma has been corrected.

49) Plasma D auto-firing mechanism will no longer fire more than one Plasma D at a time at an incoming target.

50) Plasma D launcher firing rate increased.

51) Normal photon feedback damage has been reduced to 2 (was 4, same as overload).

52) Normal hellbores no longer do any feedback damage (no myopic zone in SFB).

53) Overloaded hellbore feedback damage now only occurs if the weapon hits its target.

54) Ph3 repair cost lowered from 3 to 2 (SFB value).

55) PhG repair cost lowered from 10 to 6 (SFB value).

56) Ph2 range table corrections: 16-29 -> 16-30; 30-51.5 -> 31-50

57) Disruptor feedback Range 0 - Normal changed from 0 to 1, overloaded from 4 to 2.

58) Films from previous versions cannot be played with

59) Various HET Breakdown fixes:

-Probes can no longer fire during a breakdown.

-T-bombs can no longer be placed during a breakdown.

-Hit and runs no longer function during a breakdown.

-Defensive tractors no longer function during a breakdown.

-Point defense is now disabled during a breakdown.

-ADD and Plasma D are now disabled during a breakdown.

-Shuttles and fighters cannot be launched during breakdown.

-Fighters cannot be retrieved during breakdown.

-ESG field drops when a breakdown occurs.

-Erratic Maneuvers cannot be used during a breakdown.

-Emergency stop cannot be used during a breakdown.

-Maximum speed restored properly if ship does not completely stop.

60) Phaser damage to Plasma is now 4 points of damage reduces plasma strength by one.

61) Fast missile speed reduce to 32.

62) Pseudo plasma recharge time has been reduced.

63) Plasma holding costs reduced slightly R(4), S(2.33), G(1.5).


02 Patch fixes in


1) Bug when fleeing on mission, decreases hex defense value -fixed

2) Ghosting of characters ("you are already logged on") should be fixed.

3) Killing of AI characters wasn't removing ships - fixed

4) Fixed mission not completing.

5) Fixed Singleplayer campaign crash after viewing map

6) Disabled the ESC during Dynaverse tactical, now only available if you fly off the map.

7) Converted chat and directory listing system from Won.net to Gamespy. Chat is VASTLY improved.

8) Single campaign crashes when exiting - fixed.

9) Player now cannot move while being drafted in dynaverse.

10) Multiplayer timing improved.

11) Metaverse game speed not always set (if they go into skirmish, then meta) - fixed.

12) We now handle directplay error DPERR_INVALIDPLAYER properly which had led to crashes in some scripts.

13) We now handle DPERR_CONNECTIONLOST properly, that had kept humans from matching up.

14) Mission AI ships are now deleted after mission (slowdown bug)

15) Changes to the ISC and Pirate political matrix.

16) Security cheat where players could log on to a dynaverse server without checks and then log on to a secure server - fixed.

17) Human to human matches under dynaverse were not always reporting the battles properly - fixed.

18) Germans can now connect and play on dynaverse servers.

19) 0 Battery causing crash when opening fleet control panel - fixed.

20) Plasma D able to fire at cloaked ships - fixed.

21) Scatterpacks now void Wild Weasels.

22) Maximum range disruptors range was incorrect. Reduced damage from 2 to 1 - fixed.

23) Scripts not able to set store items correctly on startup - fixed.

24) Batteries not recharging correctly - fixed.

25) Battery meter now reads in units of energy (use to read in fraction of total).

26) Erratic Manuevers generating excessive ECM - fixed.

27) Implemented Defensive Shift indicator.

28) Defensive Plama not firing at all targets if chosen target is fighter group - fixed.

29) User name field for logging onto Dynaverse larger for email addresses.

30) A single admin shuttle can drop 6 ESGs - fixed.

31) Bug fixed where program would crash if you looked at the vessel library before joining a Dynaverse server, after creating a fresh character.

32) Map not centered on player at start of play - fixed.

33) Phaser 3 and G firing Point Defense at range 3 (too far) - fixed.

34) Range 0 ESG missing missiles - fixed.

35) ESG cycle time has been reduce by 1/2 turn after field drops.

36) Plasma S hold cost reduced from 3.0 to 2.66.


02 Patch fixes in


Tactical Fixes and Feature Additions

1) Free missile bug

2) Camera bug

3) Some ships unable to generate 6 points of ECM

4) Switch to wingman, can't fire at selected target

5) "T" stops cycling target list

6) Spare part limit increased for single-player

7) Multiplayer 2nd and 3rd ship supply bug

8) ISC fighter UI crash bug

9) Cloak sound missing in multiplayer

10) Icon for fighters disappearing

11) PPD will no longer hit out of arc

12) H&R raids effectiveness bug fixed

13) Missile type UI readout UI bug

14) Splash damage bug on PPD. Note: PPD never does alt damage only splash.

15 ) Plasma Torpedo bug (should fire for a brief time after destroyed) fixed

16 ) Plasma Torpedoes natural ECCM +3 bonus fixed

17) Ship performing erratic maneuvers create 4 points of ECM

18) Ai not firing a slow moving ships

19) Fleet Control UI buttons reversed

20) 1 point shield bug

21) Shuttle slowdown to dock bug (Shuttles/Fighters )

22) Partial cloak after flash bug

23) Fighters do not have proper ECM/ECCM

24) AMDs able to fire while cloaked

25) AMD could fire while WW is present - fixed

26) Unable to spectate after disengaging in multiplayer

27) Fest ships not random

28) Transporter icon overlap

29) Thief in the night (ISC) hailing bug

30) UI hellbore not showing charge

31) Photon torpedoes are able to erase a 1 shift of EW

32) Delay time for firing of ESG has been halved


1) Special shuttles no longer used by AI at Captain level.

2) HETS no longer used by AI at Captain level.

3) Defensive officer no longer used by AI at Captain level.

4) Click on a fighter group and its icon will flash

5) Use of Transporters now violates wild weasel

6) Firing of probes now violates wild weasel

7) Plasma I now has no Pseudo Plasma

8) Fighter/Shuttle Harass mode

9) Implemented Plasma D rack (Defensive only)

10) ISC have many new variants to cover the different refit periods of their ships

Dynaverse II

Is up and working.

Additional chat commands for Dynaverse II

* list: Lists out the chat channels available preface with a ( ) if you are

not joined and (*) if you are.

* join [ name ] : Joins a chat channel ( example: "/join federation" )

* leave [ name ] : Leaves a chat channel ( example: /leave General" )

* /afk will make you away from keyboard

*/w (name) will whisper to person

Note - Yes, it is possible to Leave your current chat channel ad not have

any incomming chat.

More info on security for server operators:

Start Security:

32bit CRC security is included with this release.

To use:

Create a directory off of the assests directory for the server platform

called "ValidatedClientFiles". Any files placed in this directory will be

CRC check on the client. The StarFleet.exe file and any script files *can*

be placed in this directory for checking. You do *not* have to place the

executable or any script file in the directory. When the server platform

starts, you will see a debug message go by "VALIDATING for these files:"

followed by the list of files checked.

Clients that do not have the files checked-for, or clients that do not have

the correct version of the checked-for files will not be allowed on that

server and will recieve a dialog containing a server-operator defined

message (in Assest.gf), a list of incompatible files and reasons why each

file is not compatible.

End Security


02 Patch fixes in


1) AMD is now H&Rable

2) AMD can be turned on and off.

3) Romulans can use cloaking device without game going out of sync.

4) campaign game will not slow downafter long periods of play

5) Normal disruptors no longer cause feedback damage.

6) Long Wait Period At Start Of Multiplayer Game

7) There are reports of players having their ships turn into Neutral status in the campaign

8) You can no longer get credit for taking parts off your ship. (stripping bug)

9) multiple phaser Gs were not firing all shots when mounted on single hardpoint.

10) Battery will not give you free power when turned off.

11) You can no longer tractor multiple targets

12) Downloaded Plasma F's now take 2 turns to load.

13) You can now break tractor with equal amount of energy

14) Cloaked ships may deploy wild weasels

15) All Allied ships AI are always set to smartest level.

16) Probes now cost 1 pt to charge.

17) beaming spare parts requiers a transporter.

18) Stopping a repair no longer fixes the weapon.

19) Overloaded Hellbores no fire to range 8

20) Hitting Esc or Back button in setup screen (on Mplayer) no longer kicks you back to the lobby.


02 Patch fixes in


1) Plasma I's no longer do double damage in defensive mode.

2) Disabled viewing replay's in the metaverse, you can watch all movies in the

3) Film room.

4) Fixed fighters and shuttles in space being lost at end of Mission.

5) Fixed "attacking target ship" message appearing when trying to tractor a ship with an active decoy shuttle.

6) In single player campaign the correct briefing maps are now being displayed.

7) Voodoo textures are in and replaced.

8) Engine rumble has been fixed.

9) Watchdog Ultility for user servers is availble.

10) Many Mission updates

11) Planets no longer appear on players team.

11) Last but not least, Dynaverse II is availble for Open Beta.


02 Patch fixes in


1) MPlayer backing out of the vessel library during ship selectio no longer exits the game.

2) The freqency of multiplayer games having slot issues, if multiple clients join in at the same time has been reduced.

3) The film room re-enterance crash bug has been fixed.

4) Skirmish mode now allows the player to select for the full five opponents instead of four. Plus minor skirmish areas fixes.

5) Hot keys F6,F7, and F8 now properly switch between your fleet.

6) Clients jumping into a game while the Host is selecting AI opponents no longer freezes up Host.

7) Mines in nebulas will no longer be removed from stores if the player attempts to lay them (mines can not be layed in nebula).


03 Installation Instructions


Start Windows 95/98/2000 and insert the Star Trek Starfleet Command(R) Volume II: Empires at War(TM) CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive.

If you have Autorun enabled, follow the on-screen instructions when the setup program begins.

If you do not have Autorun enabled, or if Autorun fails to start, double-click on your "My Computer" desktop icon. Locate and double-click the CD-ROM drive. Double-click the SETUP.EXE file.

After the game has installed, you can then run it by clicking on the Windows Start button by going to the Programs menu and selecting Starfleet Command Volume II-> Starfleet Command II.

Starfleet Command II requires DirectX 7.0 or later. DirectX7.0a has been included on the CD. After installation of the game program files, Setup.exe will automatically determine if a later version is already installed. If not, then the DirectX install window appears.

Run SFC2Setup.exe to change game resolution (800x600, 1024x768, and 1280x1024). Your desktop resolution setting must be at least as large as the resolution setting you are trying to play the game. For example, if your Windows desktop is set to 800x600, don't try to play the game in 1024x768.

For the latest updates and information, point your web browser to: http://www.interplay.com/sfcommand/sfc2/


04 System Requirements


Pentium III 500 (without 3D acceleration)

Pentium II 350 or better (with 3D acceleration)

Windows(R) 95/98/2000 with DirectX 7.0 or later (v7.0a included)

64MB Ram

550MB of free hard disk space

Minimum Install approx. 550MB

Typical Install approx. 950MB

4x or faster CD-ROM drive

100% Microsoft(TM) compatible mouse & keyboard

Compatible with D3D supported video cards

Modem (56K preferable)


05 Copy Protection Notice


The multiplayer feature of this game has been copy protected. To play in the multiplayer mode, please enter your individual CD Code Key, which is located on the front of the jewel case.


06 Manual


Read the Star Trek Starfleet Command(R) Volume II: Empires at War(TM) Manual for more information.


07 Default Hotkey List


ESC Exit

F1 Overhead Camera

F2 Chase Camera

F3 Follow Camera (Default)

F4 Target Camera

F5 Toggle Camera Target Lock

F6 Jump to Ship #1

F7 Jump to Ship #2

F8 Jump to Ship #3

F9 Hud Minimal Information

F10 Hud Normal Information

F11 Hud Maximum Information

` Target Nearest Enemy

F12 Take Screenshot

1-4 Select Weapon Group #

Ctrl + 1-4 Set Weapon Group #

5-8 Select Target from Memory

Ctrl + 5-8 Set Target to Memory

0 Communications Panel

- Zoom In

+ Zoom Out

BACKSPACE Quickjump to Target Player Ship

TAB Tactical Map Panel

Q Launch Suicide Shuttle

W Launch Wild Weasel

E Launch Scatterpack

ENTER Multiplayer Chat

CTRL + ENTER Multiplayer Chat (Team Message)

Y Yellow Alert

R Red Alert

A Decelerate

S Accelerate

Z Fire All Selected Weapons

SHIFT + Z Alpha Strike (Fire All)

T Cycle through targets

SHIFT + T Cycle through target (reverse order)

Y Cycle through enemy targets

SHIFT + Y Cycle through enemy target (reverse order)

I Toggle Deep Scan

D Slide thr interface bar on and off the screen

M Drop a mine out the shuttle bay

SHIFT + M Drop a nuclear mine out of the shuttle bay

B Place a Transporter Bomb

O Switch Schematic Displays

P Fire Probe

[ Game Speed Slider Slower

] Game Speed Slider Faster

\ Deselect Target

A Slow Down

S Speed Up

F Maximum ECM

G Maximum ECCM

H Electronic Warfare Panel (ECM and ECCM)

J Tractor Panel

K Shield Panel

L Defensive Panel

; Repair Panel

' Helm Panel

N Transporter Panel

, Shuttle Panel

. Energy Panel

/ Preferences Panel

SPACE Target Nearest Hostile Seeking Weapon

X Toggle Cloak

C Max Defensive Tractor

V Max Point Defense

PAUSE Pause & Issue Orders (single player only)

HOME Move Camera Counter-Clockwise

END Move Camera Clockwise

PAGE UP Tilt Camera Up

PAGE DOWN Tilt Camera Down

Number Pad

1 Reinforce Aft Port Shield

2 Reinforce Aft Shield

3 Reinforce Aft Starboard Shield

7 Reinvorce Forward Port Shield

8 Reinforce Forward Shield

9 Reinforce Forward Starboard Shield

0 Emergency Deceleration

. Orbit Target

/ Erratic Maneuvers

* Follow Target


08 Taunts


Your officers will keep you informed of important events that take place during a mission by responding with verbal feedback. There are many different officers from which you will hear reports. For example, your First Officer will keep you updated on the status of your ship and also of the enemy, and your fighter pilots will acknowledge the orders relayed to them. In addition, there are also "taunts" that you can broadcast to your currently selected target.

The level of crew voices you will hear in the game is controlled via the Options Screen. In the left-hand pane of the Options Screen you will see a section marked "Crew Voices", with four buttons: Off, Minimum, Medium and Maximum.

"Off" shuts off all voices.

"Minimum" means that only the most important voice reports will play, e.g., Red Alert, Shuttle Conversion, Self Destruct, etc.

At "Medium" level all voices are enabled except for the Taunts.

"Maximum" plays all voices, including the Taunts.

Using the Taunts

Each race has eleven unique taunts that you can broadcast to the ship you currently have targeted. To send a taunt, hold down the SHIFT key and press F1 through F11 to select from taunts 1 through 11. The taunts for each race are listed below.


1. "The Federation will Prevail."

2. "Damn, that was stupid."

3. "Are you going to try to fight?"

4. "Ooh, that had to hurt."

5. "Wow, you're ugly and stupid."

6. "Stand down; prepare to be boarded."

7. "Surrender and I will spare your crew."

8. "It's good to be in the Federation."

9. "Take that!"

10. "I warned you!"

11. "We will not go down without a fight!"


1. "Children fight better than that!"

2. "Try to be more challenging."

3. "At least try to be worthy of my skills!"

4. "Amazing! You must have studied hard to become so incompetent."

5. "You're obviously outmatched - why not surrender and save us time?"

6. "Surrender or die...choose quickly!"

7. "I love the glow of a ravaged ship against the stars."

8. "You burn quite nicely."

9. "You were warned. Now prepare to die!"

10. "When this battle is over, you will be forgotten."

11. laughter


1. "For the glory of the Empire."

2. "Oh, that was quite intelligent."

3. "I do hope you will try to make this interesting."

4. "It is time for you to die."

5. "Even for an inferior race you fight poorly."

6. "Stand down; prepare to be boarded."

7. "The Praetor will be pleased."

8. "I love the glow of a plasma-ravaged ship against the stars."

9. "Take that, cretin!"

10. "My honor fails me..."

11. "He's a sorcerer, that one."


1. "Don't run...you'll just die tired."

2. "Ahh, fresh prey!"

3. "Aww, look what the cat dragged in."

4. "We have your scent. Let the hunt begin!"

5. "Ow! Tsk tsk, that must have hurt."

6. "Not even a challenge."

7. "Oh at least try to fight back"

8. "It seems we are now the hunted!"

9. "Ah, the prey bites back."

10. "How can this be!?"

11. hissing cat noises


1. "Good show!"

2. "Don't struggle; it'll only make it worse."

3. "You are quite annoying."

4. "I will show you some manners."

5. "The Royal Navy at your service."

6. "Always happy to lend a hand."

7. "Surrender, and I will spare your crew."

8. "Quite sorry for that."

9. "Take that!"

10. "They shall rot for that!"

11. "We will not go down without a fight!"


1. "Withdraw or be destroyed."

2. "Save your lies for those that will listen."

3. "Run coward!"

4. "That is why the Creator made sensor decoys."

5. "Your ship is soft."

6. "Surrender your vessel to the Confederation."

7. "I will use your bones to pick my teeth clean."

8. "Suck it down!"

9. "Please do not cry."

10. "Ah, you do have some spirit."

11. scream


1. "You are useless."

2. "Pathetic!"

3. "Prepare to be pacified."

4. "You are so feeble."

5. "You cannot stand against the ISC."

6. "Stand down. Prepare to be boarded."

7. "Surrender, and I will spare your crew."

8. "Your life is forfeit."

9. "You are ignorant. Let me enlighten you."

10. "Not bad for an outlaw."

11. "That is impossible!"


1. "You fool!"

2. "You fight worse than my mother!"

3. "I will feast on your entrails!"

4. "We have your scent. Let the hunt begin!"

5. "Run, you miserable excuse for a Captain!"

6. "Not even a challenge."

7. "Pathetic!"

8. "Ah, the prey bites back."

9. "It seems we are now the hunted."

10. "You've won...this time."

11. howl

Rearming Fighters and PFs

Rearming of Fighters and Pseudo-Fighters. When fighters and PFs land they must be repaired/rearmed before they may launch again. Their progress may be monitored under the shuttle conversion panel. Bring up the shuttle conversion panel then click on Fighters button to watch their progress.


When in the Shipyard during a campaign, if you wish to see details on the ship you are interested in, Right-click to view the vessel library entry for this ship.


09 Known Issues


1) Uninstall is available via Start-> Programs-> Starfleet Command - Volume II-> Uninstall Starfleet Command II, and via the Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs - Starfleet Command II. Not all folders are completely removed after an uninstall (ie. saved games for future play). If necessary to delete these directories and included files, they are located in (if default used) C:\Program Files\Taldren\Starfleet Command II.

2) In multiplayer games, when connecting and starting a game, clients may receive this message: "Sorry. The game started already. Please join another game."

3) In the Tutorials, the narrator doesn't pause sufficiently for players to complete indicated tasks. Only major mission objectives are allowed proper pauses.

4) At the start of every Tutorial, except for Command 290, players are at green alert status. Shields are raised and powered. Shields should not be raised unless at yellow or red alert status.

5) When using the overhead view (F1 key) with a Voodoo 3 graphics card, instances of a light blue graphic outline appears in areas with nebulas.

6) In Weapons 380 Tutorial, if player destroys the disabled freighter with phasers instead of photons then you will receive no further messages on what to do and the game will not continue.

7) Use of Alt-Tab may cause the system to hardlock upon returning back to the game from Windows.

8) Damage textures aren't currently supported for Voodoo chip sets and some other cards.

9) In MPlayer, backing out of the vessel library during ship selection, without selecting a ship, may cause a crash. - Fixed in Patch

10) In multiplayer, if multiple clients join in at the same time, this may cause player slot issues.

11) In Film Room, a crash to desktop will occur when the Play button is pressed for a second viewing of a replay file. The saved file will be available for repeat viewing.

12) When loading a game, the window overlays are circumvented. Windows underneath are accessible.

13) Purchase missles (where available) following a mission, then purchase more supplies (mines, spare parts, shuttles) than available Prestige. Player will lose this Prestige, and the trade-in value of their ship may drop below zero.

14) Mouse cursor may flicker on certain video cards. A possible remedy is to open up the SFC.ini file (located in the programs installed root directory), and make the following change under the Mouse section: change 'async=0' to remove the flickering.

15) In Command 590 Tutorial, if no action taken, Sulu VO will repeat approximately every 7 seconds, "It's still flashing." This refers to user not pressing Fleet Control button when indicated.

16) In multiplayer, if the user selects different races for their fleet, then the UI will be the last race selected.

17) In multiplayer, if users make changes to their ship setup, then host will be unable to update name.

18) In single player, a random crash occurs during instances when accepting a mission. It's advised to save your games regularly.

19) In single player campaigns, selecting view replay from debriefing screen will force the user to the main menu screen. It is strongly advised to save your game prior to viewing a replay.


10 Troubleshooting


1) For the latest updates, patches and information, point your web browser to: http://www.interplay.com/sfcommand/sfc2/

2) If you are experiencing troubles with lag and/or poor connectivity. Try the following tips to increase game stability:

- The player with the best connectivity should be the host. The host transfers some data that the clients don't. This is especially noticeable at the

beginning of a match.

- By reducing player numbers, this reduces the amount of data that modems must process. Lower spec machines using win modems will benefit from this in two

ways, as win modems require more CPU power that takes away from frame rate.

- Reduce the game speed, this reduces the amount of information that is sent through the network.

3) To host a game on MPlayer, the host machine must have their network card disabled.

4) Game speed '11' was included only for quickly traveling from one distant location to another, and should not be used during combat or any event specific interactions. This mode is not officially supported and may cause timing issues.

5) Windows 2000: If audio problems are encountered (ie. intermittent, choppy sounds), please update Windows 2000 with Service Pack 1 (SP1), available from Microsoft at http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/downloads/recommended/sp1/

6) Star Trek Starfleet Command(R) Volume II: Empires at War(TM) will not run if the Virtual Memory feature of Windows has been disabled.

7) Install the most recent video and audio drivers.

8) Flickering graphics on TNT-based cards: try disabling V-Synch.

9) Using ALT-TAB may cause system difficulties.

10) The tutorials are time sensitive. If you play faster than the default speed, the tutorials may get out of sequence. There are no problems playing the tutorials at a slower speed.

11) Your desktop resolution setting must be at least as large as the resolution setting you are trying to play the game. For example, if your Windows desktop is set to 800x600, don't try to play the game in 1024x768.

12) Multiplayer on LANs: If you are playing simultaneous LAN network games, press UPDATE before joining a game if you have identical session names.

13) If a player is dropped, DirectPlay may take up to one minute at the end of a multiplayer session to clean up.

14) If you have a SoundBlaster Live audio card, reduce the amount of hardware acceleration if you are having problems.


11 Bonus Files


Star Fleet Battles:

A series of .pdf files in the SFB Folder give you the complete Cadet's Handbook for Star Fleet Battles, the board game that SFC is based on: Start-> Programs-> Starfleet Command - Volume II-> SBInfo-> Starfleet Battles Source Materials.

See www.starfleetgames.com for more information about Star Fleet Battles.


12 Technical Support


Interplay Entertainment Corp. Technical Support now offers troubleshooting guides with complete installation and setup instructions as well as information that will help you overcome the most common difficulties. If you have access to the World Wide Web, you can find these at:


Here you will find troubleshooting information on as well as information on regular system maintenance and performance.

DirectX www.interplay.com/support/directx/

Joysticks www.interplay.com/support/joystick/

Modems and Networks www.interplay.com/support/modem/

(For game-specific information and additional troubleshooting,

visit our main page at www.interplay.com)

If you have questions about the program, our Technical Support Department can help. Our web site contains up-to-date information on the most common difficulties with our products, and this information is the same as that used by our product support technicians. We keep the product support pages updated on a regular basis, so please check here first for no-wait solutions:


If you are unable to find the information you need on our web site, please feel free to contact Technical Support via e-mail, phone, fax, or letter. Please be sure to include the following information in your e-mail message, fax, or letter:

Title of Game

Computer manufacturer

Operating system (Windows 95, DOS 6.22, etc.)

CPU type and speed in MHz

Amount of RAM

Sound card type and settings (address, IRQ, DMA)

Video card


Mouse driver and version

Joystick and game card (if any)

A copy of the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files from your hard drive

A description of the problem you're having

If you need to talk to someone immediately, call us at (949) 553-6678 Monday through Friday between 8:00AM-5: 45PM, Pacific Standard Time with 24 hours, 7 days a week support available through the use of our automated wizard. Please have the above information ready when you call. This will help us answer your question in the shortest possible time. When you call you will initially be connected with our automated wizard. For information pertaining to your specific title, press "1" on the main menu and listen carefully to all prompts. All titles are listed alphabetically. After you have selected your title, the most common difficulties will be listed. If the difficulty you are having is not listed or you need additional assistance, you may press "0" on your games main menu, and you will be transferred to a Technical Support Representative. No hints or codes are available from this line.

Interplay Entertainment Corp. Support Fax: (949) 252-2820

Interplay Entertainment Corp. Technical Support

16815 Von Karman Avenue

Irvine, CA 92606


INTERNET E-MAIL: [email protected]

WORLD WIDE WEB: www.interplay.com

FTP: ftp.interplay.com


13 UK Technical Support


Thank you for purchasing Star Trek Starfleet Command(R) Volume II: Empires at War(TM). If you are experiencing difficulties with this title, please take advantage of the following product support. Please note that all our operators only speak English and that we are unable to give gameplay hints through our Technical Support number.

Technical Support: 0207 551 4266

Fax: 0207 551 4267

Internet: [email protected]

(please use the game title as your subject heading)

World Wide Web: www.vie.co.uk and www.interplay.com

Address: Customer Services Department

Virgin Interactive Entertainment Europe Ltd.

74a Charlotte Street



As mentioned above the Technical Support number is for technical assistance only, however, if you find yourself experiencing game play difficulties, then you may want to send a large self-addressed envelope to address below:

GAME TITLE, Virgin Interactive Entertainment Europe Ltd.,

74a Charlotte Street, London, W1P 1LR


In the unlikely event of a software fault please return the complete package, with your receipt, to the original place of purchase and request a replacement. If you do need to telephone us, please provide us with as much information as possible concerning your system. When contacting us by post, ensure you include the Title & Version of the game, a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing and the exact type of hardware that you are using. When sending us a fax, please remember to leave your fax machine switched on and ready to receive. If you are using a Telephone/Fax system please make sure that the Fax connection is enabled. Ensure to include your name, a return Fax number with the area code and a Voice number so we can contact you if we experience problems when trying to fax you back.


14 Legal Stuff


Copyright 2000 by Interplay Entertainment Corp. All Rights Reserved. Portions copyright 2000 Amarillo Design Bureau. Some elements based upon the board games created by Amarillo Design Bureau.

Star Trek Starfleet Command(R) Volume II: Empires at War(TM) Copyright 2000 Interplay Entertainment Corp. All Rights Reserved. Registered and Copyright 2000 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved. Star Trek is a registered trademark of Paramount Pictures and Starfleet Command and related marks are trademarks of Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved. Interplay, the Interplay logo, "By Gamers, For Gamers", 14 East and the 14 East logo are trademarks of Interplay Entertainment Corp. Taldren and the Taldren logo are trademarks of Taldren, Inc. Exclusively licensed and distributed by Interplay Entertainment Corp. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.


General Product License. This copy of Star Trek Starfleet Command(R) Volume II: Empires at War(TM) (the "Software") is intended solely for your personal non-commercial home entertainment use. You may not decompile, reverse engineer, or disassemble the Software, except as permitted by law. Interplay Entertainment Corp. and its licensors retain all right, title and interest in the Software including all intellectual property rights embodied therein and derivatives thereof. The Software, including, without limitation, all code, data structures, characters, images, sounds, text, screens, game play, derivative works and all other elements of the Software may not be copied, resold, rented, leased, distributed (electronically or otherwise), used on a pay-per-play, coin-op or other for-charge basis, or for any commercial purpose. Any permissions granted herein are provided on a temporary basis and can be withdrawn by Interplay Entertainment Corp. at any time. All rights not expressly granted are reserved.

Modem and Network Play. If the Software contains modem or network play, you may play the Software via modem transmission with another person or persons directly without transmission through a third party service or indirectly through a third party service only if such service is an authorized licensee of Interplay. For the purpose of this license, a "third party service" refers to any third party service which provides a connection between two or more users of the Software, manages, organizes, or facilitates game play, translates protocols, or otherwise provides a service which commercially exploits the Software, but does not include a third party service which merely provides a telephonic connection (and nothing more) for modem or network play. Authorized licensee services are listed on the Interplay Entertainment Corp. World Wide Web Site located at http://www.interplay.com. This limited right to transmit the Software expressly excludes any transmission of the Software of any data streams thereof on a commercial basis, including, without limitation, transmitting the Software by way of a commercial service (excepting those specific commercial services licensed by Interplay) which translates the protocols or manages or organizes game play sessions.

Acceptance of License Terms. By acquiring and retaining this Software, you assent to the terms and restrictions of this limited license. If you do not accept the terms of this limited license, you must return the Software together with all packaging, manuals and other material contained therein to the store where you acquired the Software for a full refund.

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