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Team Fortress 2 - Icons Skins

This download allows different type of icons for Team Fortress 2

Instructions are in the rar

If you don't have a desktop shortcut follow Step 1-14

If u do have one follow Step 7-14

Step 1| Extract the contents of the rar to My documents

Step 2| Start Steam Up

Step 3| Click My Games Tab in Steam

Step 4| Right Click on Team Fortress 2

Step 5| Click Create Destop Icon

Step 6| Minimize Steam

Step 7| Right Click on your newly made Team Fortress 2 Shortcut

Step 8| Click Properties

Step 9| Click Shorcut Tab

Step 10| Click Change Icon

Step 11| Navigate using the change icon button to wherever you extracted the icons to using browse button

Step 12| Once you find the icon you want select ok

Step 13| Click Apply

Step 14| Enjoy!

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