NeoCairo Beta 5.2 / Lotus Mappack

Beta 5.2 of the NeoCario modification for Unreal Tournament...

NeoCairo Beta 5.2 / Lotus Mappack

Beta 5.2 of the NeoCario modification for Unreal Tournament includes a ton of new changes, fixes, features and eighty-two maps!

New Features:

Added NCMonitor for multiplayer game searching & launch

Added Player Skin Selection to Launcher.

Added Dismount for Selket Guardian in Multiplay.

Added FireBall to Selket Guardian AltFire.

Added Crouch & Jump for Artifact Wing.

Added new 100% Health when Selket Guardian respawns.

Added Banking movements in flight vehicles.

Added special vertical movements in Pod and Hovercraft.

Added fighter smoketrails in multiplay.

Added score and messages to the spectator HUD in multiplay.

Added all vehicle sounds to multiplay.

Fixed multiplayer games in Gamespy Arcade and in-game browser

Increased SSFighter Primary Beam Firepower.

Removed several opportunities for cheaters.

Revamped (rewrote) all MechBot classes!

82 Maps!

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