Xvid 1.0.1 - Koepi's Binaries

XviD is a continuation of Project Mayo and aims to develop a...

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Xvid 1.0.1 - Koepi's Binaries

XviD is a continuation of Project Mayo and aims to develop a high quality open-source MPEG-4 codec. Download this to view Xvid movies!

Note : If you wish to playback most existing DivX movies, this codec may not work. You need to download the 3.11 Alpha version of the DivX codec.

About XviD :

XviD is a continuation of Project Mayo and aims to develope a high quality open-source MPEG-4 codec. As you may already know, XviD comes from the same open-source project that was the basis for DivX 4.x/5.x, but instead of going all commercial, XviD remains open-source. The quality of the codec is extremely good, and encoding speed is very fast as well, so it is at least worth a try. You can read my DVD to XviD Conversion Guide to find out how to convert DVDs to XviD or if you are already familiar with DVD to DivX conversion, you can go directly to our XviD Setup/Reference Guide.

What's new in version 1.0.1:

(core) small trellis bug which probably reduced sharpness of the image, but possibly even produced artifacts

(core) motion estimation buglet slightly reduced b-frame's quality

(core) 1 fps files failed to decode

(core) intra coefficients were sometimes not clipped correctly, which might (in theory) produce artifacts (don't worry, noone has seen the artifacts yet)

(core) if two p-frames were more than one second apart, b-frames in between are not decoded

(VfW) video was not playable via ICM (mplay32.exe, files embedded in Office applications etc)

(VfW) calculator did not open many useful audio/subs extensions by default

(VfW) calculator calculated audio size wrong when given bitrate and length (2.4% error) Talk about the XviD codec and issues to do with Encoding and Playback in our XviD Forum

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