Space Empires: IV Demo

Space Empires IV is a massive space strategy game for...

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  • Program by Malfador Machinations

Space Empires: IV Demo

Space Empires IV is a massive space strategy game for Windows. You control your empire in an ever changing and hostile galaxy. Design your starships and use them to explore new solar systems throughout the galaxy. Hundreds of different components are available to place on your ships, and giant facilities to build on your planets. Use fighters, troops, mines, satellites, and weapon platforms to supplement your starships. Build your empire through research, intelligence operations, politics, treaties, and decisively planned strategy. Engage in Tactical or Strategic Combat, or use the Combat Simulator. Up to 20 players, human or computer, can play against each other with multi-player support (turn-based or simultaneous play). Customize the graphics for your ships and download updates from the Shrapnel Games website. This demo is limited to 100 turns, but should be enough time to get a

strong feel for how the game plays.

System Requirements:

Pentium Class processor

32MB (64 recommended)

Windows 95+



800x600 screen resolution

16 bit or better graphics (24 recommended).

Nice new features.

24bit 3D rendered graphics.

Support for 800x600 and 1024x768 resolutions

Turn-Based or Simultaneous Game Play.

Discover: Black Holes, Nebulae, Binary Stars, Trinary Stars, Asteroid Belts, Gas Giants, Cosmic Storms, and more!

New vehicle types and sizes: Ships, Bases, Carriers, Transports, Fighters, Mines, Satellites, Troops, and Weapon Platforms.

Completely design and customize all of your vehicles.

Detailed Tactical Combat (and a combat simulator to test designs).

Advanced Ship Orders: Patrol, Explore, Use Waypoints, Resupply at Nearest, Repair at Nearest, Scrap, Mothball, Deconstruct & Analyze, and more.

Thorough Empire management: Research, Intelligence, Politics, Construction Queues, Vehicle Design, and more.

Detailed game setup: Victory Conditions, Restricted Technologies, Galaxy Layout, Player Configuration, and more.

Large Galaxy: 100+ solar systems with 15 planets each.

Huge Technology Tree: Hundreds of tech levels, 500+ components, and 300+ facilities.

Detailed Race Creation: Unique ship pictures, race picture, racial traits, technology, history, and more.

Completely customizable game graphics: Create your own planets, stars, vehicles, etc.

Completely customizable data files: All game information is in easily editable text files. Create your own Components, Facilities, Vehicle Sizes, etc.

Completely customizable AI players: Create your own AI players with unique traits, styles, and speech.

Game comes with 18 unique races to play or customize (or just create your own!)

Completely revamped and "futurized" user-interface. Very friendly and intuitive!

Randomly generated map for every game (or load an existing map).

Advanced political features: Protectorates, Subjugated empires, Trade all possible game items, claim territories, and more.

Random Events: Rebellions, earthquakes, supernovas, industrial accidents, cosmic storms, and the occasional plague!"

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