AvP2 Custom Map Pack

This is the new updated map pack with new updated map files...

AvP2 Custom Map Pack

This is the new updated map pack with new updated map files and some

new maps. Unpakced it takes up 820 MB's on your HD.

You will need a program such as


to decompress the files.

This is the updated version of my last map pack.

Map List contains:


9th Army HomeBase

Acid Reflux

Alien Control1

AXP Acid Reflux4

AXP Predator

Coop1 Breakdown

CTF Jungle

DE Dust

Demo Coop Stranded

DM1 Breakdown

DM Aizin (Primal Hunt map for avp2)

DM Broken Dream

DM Bw Rust

DM Bw 0Containment

DM BW Airbase

DM Bw Alley + 4 years

DM BW Arenas

DM BW Ascension

DM BW Cathedral

DM BW Dome

DM BW Fortress

Dm BW Junglehunt

DM BW Lab4

DM BW Lead Infection


DM BW Mayhem2

DM BW Mayhem3

DM BW Mechwarriors

DM BW Netsmayhem

DM BW Salvage

DM BW Steadfast

DM BW Sulaco

DM Castaway

Dm Castaway Storm

DM Dropzone (Primal Hunt map for avp2)

Dm Firstblood

DM Hallways

DM Hive2

DM HorrorHall Full

DM Huntingground

DM Industry

DM Inferno Beta5

DM Infested B10

DM JMoon Yavin4

DM Jungle

DM Jungle NoBunk

DM 00Edds Hotel

DM Overwatch

DM PDTemple

DM Powerfailure

DM Powerfailure 01

DM Predator (Primal Hunt map for avp2)

DM RFW Riveroutpost

DM Ruinous

DM Steam

DM Steam Final

DM Stompingground

DM Storm

DM Suicide

Dm Terraform

DM Triplecollision

DM Uvajed (Primal Hunt map for avp2)

DM Warehouse

DM Warped

DM Xenoplant


Fusion Alfa1 (updated)

Fusion Arena (updated)

Fusion Flux (updated)

Fusion Forge (updated)

Fusion Hive (updated)

Fusion Illusion (updated)

Fusion Reactor (updated)


GR Jungle Beta

GR Vertigo Beta



Infestation Morgana

Jyhad Beta

Lite Breakdown

RFW Hadley's Hope

Road Kill



Storm Base

Storm Complex

Storm Compound

Storm Drain

Watery Grave


De Dust

Infestation Morgana Over

Over Castaway

Over Jungle

Over Storm

Over Terraform


De Dust

Evac AXP Acid Reflux

Evac Castaway

Evac Castaway Storm

Evac Jungle Password

Evac Jungle Standard

Evac Storm

Evac Stranded

Evac Terraform

Evac Terraform AlphaClan

Infestation Morgana Evac

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