Yo's Texas Hold'em Poker

Texas holdem is a poker style card game...

Yo's Texas Hold'em Poker

Texas holdem is a poker style card game.

Yo's Texas Hold'em Poker




1. If you already installed an older version of Yo's Texas Hold'em Poker to your Palm Device.

First De-Install it. If you do not this, you will encounter a Fatal Error!

2. Start the Install Tool application (i.e. Palm Desktop).

3. In Installer, Choose Holdem.prc

4. HotSync


Texas Hold'em is a poker game .

Each player has two down cards, and five face-up "community" cards are dealt face-up on the table.

The player combines both player's cards and community cards to make the best possible five-card hand.

Play begins by dealing two cards to each player, and play proceeds clockwise from left side player of Big Blind.

Each Player free to Fold, Call, or Raise.

When each player betting the same amount to the pot, three cards are dealt face up in the table . This is called "Flop".

After and on the "Flop", play proceeds from Small Blind player.

The next round is "Turn". In this round, 4th card is dealt face-up in the table.

The bets on the "Turn" and "River" are usually double size.

Then the final card is dealt face-up in the table. This is called "River".


Live Game... You can play the game freely.

Rate: 4-8

All In: None

Live Game status... You can check about

- Number of games

- Number of win

- Number of fold

- Winning Hand

Tournament... Each player finishes the game when player has no money.

The game rate rises when a prescription number game is digested.

In the following case it becomes a game over.

- When your money is $0.

- When all the players were defeated by you.

Tournament Status... You can check about

- Top 10 Ranking

Preference... Preference Setting

- game speed

- whether or not speed up, when you fold

- whether or not card is opend, when winner becomes one player(COM) before show down

- Animation setting

- change player name(max 6 char)

Register Software... Software registration

About Yo's Texas Hold'em Software information


Dealer Button

Small Blind

Big Blind

Current Player

Player Action Button

(Check is $0 CALL)

Upper 5 face-up cards Community cards

Lower 2 face-up cards Player cards

Down card Computer player cards

Pot:$ Current pot

Rate Current rate

G: Current Game Number

(Tournament Mode Only)


You can select your action by using hardware button without the stylus.

Address Call

Up Raise

Down Fold

And allow those buttons to dismiss the winning hand message.


This software is shareware.

In unregistration,

- game status will be reset when the number of games reached to 20 (Live Game Mode)

- game is over when a remainder number of persons became four (Tournament Game Mode)

The other functions, there is not restriction.

Please try my programs before you register. If you decide a program is worth paying.

You can register it. Once registered, though, there are no refunds.

Once registered, you are registered for life and will receive all future updates to Yo's Texas Hold'em Poker for free.


There are no guarantees, and I don't take any responsibility for any problems that my programs might cause.

If you find a bug, please let me know. I will try to fix it. But I cannot guarantee the fix.


iMac/Rev.B 233MHz

160MB Memory

Mac OS J8.5.1

Code Warrior for Palm OS R5 + Patch1


Please contact me, whether you like this software or not.

Give me your comments and suggestions.

Thank you for trying Yo's Texas Hold'em !

E-Mail: [email protected]

Home: http://www.teleway.ne.jp/~kiyono/yo/yo_top.html



Version Comment

06/May/1999 V1.0b1 first release

08/May/1999 V1.0b2 bug fix, change user interface

18/May/1999 V1.0b3 add Tournament Mode

20/May/1999 V1.0b4 modify preferences item, bug fix(Pot split )

25/May/1999 V1.0b5 save the state of the card deck if the game is exited

add animation

25/Jun/1999 V1.0 change computer algorism

key assign

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