Sword of the Stars - Covenant's Mod 1.0 (Beta)

This is a multiplayer-focused mod for Sword of the Stars...

  • Category Real-Time
  • Size 4.1 MB
  • Program by Covenant

Sword of the Stars - Covenant's Mod 1.0 (Beta)

This is a multiplayer-focused mod for Sword of the Stars version 1.2, and changes all weapon and many associated technologies with the game for fairness and fun.

Far from the random, unbalanced gameplay of before, Covenant's Mod introduces new depth to the tactical game and gives it a slick set of weapons to work with. Nearly every weapon is new and rebalanced with new, flashier graphics and lower particle counts. Several new weapons have been added, such as two new types of missiles and three new Siege-mount weapons, and existing weapon trees have been altered for balance purposes. Massively expanded lists of planets, potential enemies, improved lighting, more moons and asteroid belts have been moved further from the playing field, and many more things.

Read the Mod's text file for special information.

NOTE: This requires the patched version of SOTS to play. It should also correct many of the bugs with that version of the game. It's a work in progress though, when Kerebos upgraded to version 1.2 they added a lot of bugs to their game that I'm still fixing now. If you encounter anything, please contact me at the Kerebos boards' Mod forum.

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