Unreal Tournament 3 - Takeshi's Gladiators Mod

Takeshi's Gladiators is an adrenaline filled competition in...

Unreal Tournament 3 - Takeshi's Gladiators Mod

Takeshi's Gladiators is an adrenaline filled competition in which the goal is to survive the treacherous, obstacle filled courses set forth by Takeshi. In this free for all melee game, opponents will push each other over edges and into deadly contraptions in their attempt to be crowned Grand Sumo.

Make Something Unreal Submission:

- MSU Phase 4:Best Non-FPS Game Mod

- MSU Phase 4:Best Art for a Game Mod

- MSU Phase 4:Best Level for Game Mod

- MSU Phase 4:Educational Category

- MSU Phase 4:Best Physics in Map

Takeshi's Gladiators is the world's first 3rd person pusher, there are no weapons. The

conflict in the game arises from players racing towards the same goal.

As players race towards the finish

line of one level or try to be the last man standing in another level

they can only foil each other by pushing. The push function has a one

second cool down to avoid


Level descriptions:

Trampoline Tower:

Players race to the top of the tower. Green jump pads allows the

player to have air-control, red jump pads rockets players along a

predetermined arch. Ones players reach

certain levels of the tower catchup jump pads will be activated in the

spawning area. These allow players to by pass the lower levels of the

tower and thus enhance the player

versus player experience. The elevator is a natural chock point where

player will try to push each other off the tower while waiting for the

elevator doors to open.

Heaven and Hell:

Players race across a deadly Mahjong board while trying to escape from

hell and enter heaven. Twelve different monsters are depicted on the

tiles. Some are deadly to tread upon

while others a save. The cardboard ninjas on the board are also

deadly, they do however always need to be passed on the same the same

way. When players die on deadly squares a

tombstone will emerge to commiserate the poor soul. Players need to

think fast when they are in the lead because it is better to choose

which tile to step on to next than to

have your opponents, who are coming from behind, make the choice for

you. The pushing feature becomes deadly and highly frustration in this

map. Play testing suggests that this

level is the most fun with eight or more players.

Boulder Bash:

Push the boulder to hurl it at your opponents but be wary not to get

crushed your self.

Chopstick Chop Down:

Jump and crouch to avoid getting swept to an early death. Try not to

laugh too hard when your opponents fall off their pillars because you

are next.


Be the last man standing when deadly chopsticks swivel faster and

faster. The cardboard ninjas will trip you up. If you run to fast and

get pushed into the rotating chopstick

you will die, but run to slowly and you will get choped down from

behind. When the rails go down be sure not to let your opponents push

you down the hole.

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