Covert Strike Force 1.0

Half-Life Co-Operative MOD from maker of Thai Contra - Force...

  • Category First Person
  • Size 40.5 MB
  • Program by Rakpoln Malarodjn (Roh_Z)

Covert Strike Force 1.0

Half-Life Co-Operative MOD from maker of Thai Contra - Force Mod.You can buy weapons and items like counter- strike and coop like Sven Co-Op.

The Covert Strike Force (CSF) is a Half-Life Modification based on the

Realistic Cooperative from Thailand. You and your teammates will have to act together

strategically to fight the enemy monsters. It can play with team based game

play or Cooperative, too.

CSF has 2 Game Modes are...

I.Teambased Game play

You can choose

1. Task Force

2. Military Rebel

You can buy unique weapons for each side.

II. Cooperative Mode

You can buy all weapons , but not items.

Features that CSF will contain are: Buying System, Cash system, bayonets,

Controlable Helicopter and much much more...

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