Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Tools [Updated]

The tools for the sequal to Jedi Knight are here! Included...

Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Tools [Updated]

The tools for the sequal to Jedi Knight are here! Included are the map editor, model viewers for the .md3 and .glm formats, the shader editor/viewer, and the map compiler that's used by JK2Radiant. So grab the tools and start building the empire of Jedi Knight II.

The updated release includes:

EffectsEd.exe - the editor we used to create EFX files.

BehavEd.exe - the editor we used to create Icarus scripts.

IBIZE.exe - the Icarus script compiler (Note: the ICARUS compiler used

in JK2 is the same as the Elite Force version, but the BehavEd.bhc file has


roq.exe - tool to compile images into a RoQ video.

and these Documents:

bot_tutorial\bot_tutorial.txt - how to make bots for MP

Bot waypoint tutorial.doc

Guide to SOF2JK2 Vertigons.doc

Guide to SOF2JK2 Weather.doc

ICARUS Manual.doc


Model Constuction Conventions.doc


and - all the scripts from JK2 Single Player as reference.

It will also extract the game source folders:

Code\ - all the source code for the game VMs. (see

Code\MakeAMod_readme.txt for more info)

bin\ - the folder for code compiling

ui\ - support folder to compile code

Plus some more example maps and models to Base as well.

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