Descent 3 Demo for Linux

Descent3, the newest member of the classic 3D series, gets

  • Category First Person
  • Size 41.6 MB
  • Program by Loki Entertainment Software

Descent 3 Demo for Linux

Descent3, the newest member of the classic 3D series, gets even better with an all-new game engine for improved rendering and gameplay. You'll thrill to the battles in the depths of distant planets in a frenzied, high-octane 360° extravaganza. Descent3 features 10 new weapons, along with new air, surface and depth combat -- fight in the mines, in the skies or anywhere! You'll be confronted by new, wily computer AI, as your opponents react to your every move. And best of all, it's all for Linux!




- Linux kernel version 2.2.X

- Pentium 200 or faster

- 3D accelerator card with OpenGL or Glide support

- 32 mb RAM required (64 MB recommended)

- glibc 2.1

- Video card capable of 640x480 resolution

- XFree86 version 3.3.5 or newer at 16bpp

- OSS compatible sound card

- Joystick is optional, but recommended.

- Hard disk drive with at least 100 mb of space

- Direct TCP/IP supported for network play.

This product is not intended for use with any version of the Windows operating system.

This product supports 3D accelerators through OpenGL and Glide. Consult for the latest news on drivers and installation.

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