Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer Demo

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer Demo

Here is the official multiplayer demo for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. This new demo includes the original Beach Assault map from the previous MP tests as well as a great new map called "Trench Toast".


Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Beach Assault is a D-Day Omaha Beach like assault against a german fortified beach front. Run up beaches taking cover, or fire from positions in the base, raining bullets upon the beach and your enemies.

TrenchToast is a terrain based map that should fit up to 32 players. While the map will be included in the MP demo, the map will be released for FREE to the public -- the developers wanted to give a holiday gift to their fans.

There is also an add-on


for the retail game to insert Trench Toast but there is no add-on for the old Multiplayer test. You must redownload the new official demo.

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