BF1942 - Stunting Grounds v0.2

This is a small stunt map with a high cliff (as seen in the...

BF1942 - Stunting Grounds v0.2

This is a small stunt map with a high cliff (as seen in the screenshot) for throwing stuff off, a forest for daring jeep drives, a maze of buildings, a windmill with strong AA defense, and more!

This map was created by me (Pilot_51) of Team VIA, it was my first map seriously considered for public release. It was first made in hopes of creating a somewhat large forest with some small ponds and guard towers at night, thus the original name of Forest, but that quickly changed when I started making a cliff for jumping jeeps, so it became a stunt map. The map is currently in public beta stages, it will remain beta until all the reported bugs are fixed, I get more objects and terrain detail in it, and everyone appears to be happy with it. There is plenty of information in the zip file such as contact information and other info about the map in Info.txt and a full list of changes in Changes.txt, also included is installation instructions in Installation.txt.

Stunting Grounds version 0.2 -- Changes

Future changes...

-Lightmap bug on the windmill roof will need fixed

-Static objects will be added to the minimap

-Fog will be added to eliminate the draw distance edge

Change history (since the last public release)...


-Minimap updated

-Changed axis B17's to Ju88A's

-Added a temporary thumbnail

-Added a temporary loading screen

-Modified spawn distances and times for all vehicles

0.16 (private beta)

-Adjusted cliff jeeps

-Skybox changed to Bocage

-Medic lockers added at cliff vehicle repair station and hangar

-Ammo boxes added (2 at hangar, 1 at town, 1 at cliff vehicle repair station)

-Airplane ammo added to the runway

-B17's adgusted and given a longer spawn time

-Hangar planes adjusted and the front planes given a longer spawn time

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