Lawdogs v2 Public Beta Release

Lawdogs is the first Wild Western style modification for

  • Category First Person
  • Size 154.9 MB
  • Program by LawDogs Team

Lawdogs v2 Public Beta Release

Lawdogs is the first Wild Western style modification for Unreal Tournament 2003. Lawdogs aims to capture the exciting atmosphere and deadly gun battles from the American 'old West.

Version 2 Change List

- Fixed can't suicide whilst in vehicle.

- Fixed 'incompatible game file' messages.

- Added 'use' to controls settings menu.

- Fixed gold spawning on jump pads.

- All players' names displayed when you point at them.

- HUD portraits corrected.

- Fixed ammo displaying wrong after entering vehicle with no ammo.

- Fixed vehicle driver appears rotated wrong online.

- Maybe fixed vehicle driver sometimes not appearing online.

- Fixed HUD dissapearing after leaving vehicle.

- Maybe fixed vehicle attachments coming apart.

- Fixed being able to enter vehicles through walls.

- Fixed throwing weapons giving extra ammo.

- Bowie/Machete now auto-fire on contact.

- Miscellaneous other small fixes and additions.

- Added map: BuckersCrossing

- Various map fixes/improvements

Lawdogs will involve two teams. The Marshals and The Outlaws. Throughout the various gametypes, the Marshals goal will be to defend and protect certain objectives and the Outlaws goals will be to steal, or destroy that objective. The Marshals & Outlaws will also have slightly different forms of weaponry at their disposal and in certain cases, one team or the other may have slight advantages over the other team.

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