Mac Fly! Candidate Patch v1.01.85 (Macintosh)

Update to version 1.01...

Mac Fly! Candidate Patch v1.01.85 (Macintosh)

Update to version 1.01. See "more info" for details.

READ ME - Fly! Candidate Patch (1.01.85 1/31/2000)


This PATCH README.DOC is part of a distribution of what is being considered the FINAL CANDIDATE patch for the 1.0 retail version of Fly!. This means that this release is considered functionaly complete for all issues considered for the 1.01 patch, and a final release version will be shortly following based on successful feedback of this patch. We do not expect any additional changes before designating a final 1.01 patch.

Very Important: You must apply this patch to a clean, factory 1.0 install of the Fly! application. If you have applied previous patches, or any third party add-on scenery or aircraft, it is strongly recommended that you back up and re-install Fly! from the original factory disks. Once installation and application of the 1.01.81 patch is complete and you have verified that Fly! is working properly, then and only then should you begin introducing add-on products back into the Fly! directories.

The FLY! 1.0.1 Globe Updater is an optional part of this patch. It can only be installed after this update has been applied. This updates the global elevation mesh, as well as roads and rivers. If you typically fly in areas outside the satellite scenery areas, this should improve elevation changes such as mountain ranges.


WARNING: This updater is not compatible with previous beta versions of the patch. If you have installed the previous beta patch, you must uninstall (or delete) Fly and re-install from the original CDs. Then apply this patch.

Decompression of the archives requires Stuffit Expander version 5.1 or later. Ealier versions will NOT work. Most browsers are configured to decompress the files after downloading them. If your's is not, or if the decompression fails due to having the wrong version of Stuffit Expander, you will need to manually decompress the files by dropping them on the Stuffit Expander icon (double clicking the files may not work or may launch the wrong application). Decompressed files will not have the .SIT extension.

If you have downloaded the segmented version you will also need Stuffit Expander version 5.1 or later. Be sure to decompress the files before attempting to join the segments (see above). Then, drag and drop the first file in the group (it ends in "1") onto the Stuffit Expander icon.

To install the beta patch, double-click the Fly 1.0.1 Updater. The installer will search for the Fly! installation. If more than one instance is found, pick the one you wish to update after pressing install.

Once installed, you can confirm you are running the beta patch by choosing About Fly! from the Apple menu. From there, you should see the version 1.01.85, instead of the retail 1.00.76.

Beginning with the 1.00.75 version of the patch, a HowTo directory will be created in your Fly! directory which contains Adobe .PDF format files documenting various systems in the aircraft of Fly! The contents of this directory will be expanded with each future update from Terminal Reality. Please refer to these .PDF files for additional information not covered in your owner's manual. You must have the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view these files. This reader can be freely downloaded from


For product technical support, you can first check the official Fly! website at for the latest updates, hints, tips, and discussion groups. You can also send questions by e-mail to [email protected].

If you prefer to speak to someone in person, you can reach our tech support staff at (214) 303-1202. Hours of operation are seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Central Time.

If you prefer to send U.S. mail correspondence, please mail to:

Gathering Of Developers

P.O. Box 565032

Dallas, TX 75356

Attn: Technical Support

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