Hunting Unlimited 2 - ModPack v3.0

The ModPack adds more items such as weapons, equipment,...

Hunting Unlimited 2 - ModPack v3.0

The ModPack adds more items such as weapons, equipment, hunters and others.

More info and install instructions, check the HU Corner Site.

Hunting Unlimited 2 MODPACK 3.0


This pack includes:


* .17 Remington BigArn Henry Lever (ita)

* .223 Rem Lever action (HU Mod Squad)

* .243 Remington Model 700 CDL (ita)

* .25-06 Remington Model 700 CDL (ita)

* .284 Lazzeroni Firebird (Big~Daddy)

* .30-06 Browning A-Bolt Stainless Stalker (ita)

* .35 Whelen Remington Model 700 CDL (ita)

* .450 BushMaster Chameleon (ita)

* .45 Muzzleloader (Lone Wolf)

* .45 Colt Henry Lever (ita)

* .50 FPB Hornady Muzzleloader (edwards72)

* .577 T-Rex Double Rifle (MuratInce)

* 7mm-08 Remington Model 700 CDL (ita)

* 7mm Debs Big Girl Rem Ultra Mag (ita)

* 7mm WSM Model 70 (ita)

* 7.62x51mm M40A3 (3000yrd shot)

* 8mm Mauser bolt action rifle (Imasniper)

* PzB 39 Panzerbuchse (Aussie Guy)

* 12ga Browning Citori XS Sporting (ita)

* 12ga Ithaca DeerSlayer III (ita & Arnoldwleedy)

* 20ga Ithaca TurkeySlayer III (ita & Arnoldwleedy)

* .44 Magnum 6 Shot Revolver (Aussie Guy)

* .45 Auto M1911 (Imasniper)

* .500 S&W Magnum Revolver (Lone Wolf)

* 9mm USS ARIZONA Tribute Edition (edwards72)

* PSE X-Force 7 GX Compound Bow (ita)

* Jaguar Take-Down Black Recurve Bow (ita)


* 4.5-18x Leupold RF (Imasniper)

* 5-22x Nightforce NXS quick zoom RF (Lone Wolf)

* 6-24x Zeiss Rapid-Z Varmint RF (ita)

* 12-28x Circle Duplex RF (ita)

* 6-24x Zeiss Rapid-Z Varmint Illuminated RF (ita)

* 12-28x Mil-Dot RF (ita)

* 18-26x BigArn Xtreme Lineage RF (ita)


* 20-60x Euro Spotting Camo Scope (ita)

* 4-25x Spotting scope (Lone Wolf)

* all equipment has it's own ingame icons. (ita)


* Weapon, Equipment and Gear selection menus fixed. (ita)

* Tent Blind ingame icon fixed. (ita)

* Box Stand ingame icon fixed. (ita)

* "Dumb" animal script profile added. (ita)

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