Gamespy Tribes tabs

Various tabs for gamespy...

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Gamespy Tribes tabs

Various tabs for gamespy.

Gamespy Tribes tabs.

Tab Creator Description

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Insomniax Dan Find serversthat run the Insomniax mods

Tribes300 Hawkeye(TGS) Find servers that have 300mhz+ processors

Bots Rifter Find servers running Bots

Deviousland Rifter Find servers running the deviousland mod

pskin Rifter Find servers that allow custom skins

Renegades Rifter Find servers running Renegades mods

Bitchen Rifter Find servers running the Bitchen mod

Kick Ass Tribes Rifter Find servers running the Kick Ass Tribes(KAT) mod.

Redneck Slag Pack Rifter Find servers running Redneck Slag Pack (

Ultra_Renegades Rifter Find servers running Ultra Renegades

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