Max Payne - Polar Paradise Mod

The story so far.....

Max Payne - Polar Paradise Mod

The story so far...

It's Christmas Eve and Dinky is pissed.

After returning home from his last adventure, Dinky discovers that his family have (once again) been kidnapped by the forces of evil. A mysterious trail of toys, tinsel, and wrapping paper leads into the night...

Enraged and with nothing to lose, Dinky heads out to save his family from a grizzly (yet seasonal) demise.


-Dinky, the world's leading Acrtic Avenger, returns in a brand new Christmas-themed adventure!

-3d Action adventure inspired by N64 classics like Banjo-Kazooie, and over-the-top shooters like Serious Sam.

-Epic snow-ball fights - with Bullet-Time!™

-Hi-tech Christmas weaponry, including: the Turkey Blaster 6000, Jingle Ball Launcher, 'The Mincer' (mince pie launcher), and much more!

-Northern Style Polar Bear Kung Fu

-Colourful and crazy enemies including Evil Elves, Killer Penguins, and Santa himself!

-More zany, offbeat humour from the developers of Katana, The Real World, and Polar Payne.

-Over the top voice acting!

-Totally rubbish cardboard trees - presented in RetroVision!

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