Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - Fritz Bot ET Mod

This is the download for Fritz Bot ET - an Enemy Territory...

Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - Fritz Bot ET Mod

This is the download for Fritz Bot ET - an Enemy Territory bot mod. Now compatiable with ALL CPU families and types.

The wait has been long, and theres been a lot of hard work done by the team here, but Fritz Bot ET has finally arrived!

I really think you guys are going to enjoy Fritz - we've worked VERY hard to make sure

this bot is as realistic and easy to use as possible.

A short Fritzbot ET Feature List:

1. Objectives:

+ Constructions

+ Steal

+ Deliver

+ Flags

+ Dynamite

+ Command Posts

2. Game Sense:

+ Objective priorities

+ Event awareness and response

+ Offensive and Defensive "phases"

3. Combat:

+ Use all of their weapons (class based and personal) effectively to

fight you.

+ Use and understand grenades.

+ Use and understand every trick in the ET book on how to fight your


4. Game:

+ Unique GUI and menu interface that lets you setup all of your

Fritz specific options.

+ Easy to use and setup: we've done all the work for you so

you can get down to the business of playing.

+ Predefined campaigns that have all the maps Fritz supports, so you

can start playing against Fritz right away!

5. Navigation:

+ Usage of the entire map rather than a shortest path

+ Obstacle recognition and avoidance

6. Skill levels:

+ General Skill (1-3)

+ Aim Skill (1-4)

7. Medics:

+ Recognition of teammates with low health

+ Ability to find teammates in need of a revive

+ Teamkill revive for teammates with very low health

+ Automatically pass out med packs at spawn if they have high level


8. Field Ops:

+ Airstrike and Artillery support

+ Recognition of teammates that need ammo

+ Automatically pass out ammo at spawn

9. Covert Ops:

+ Satchel

+ Disguises

+ Smoke Grenades

+ Sniping

+ Mine spotting

10. Soldiers:

+ Panzer camps

+ Mobile mg42 camps

+ ALL weapons used, except the mortar

11. Engineers:

+ Rifle Nades

+ Mines

12. Tools:

+ Built in .nav file editor

+ "FritzScript" a simple, easy to use script system to control the bots


+ External waypointer's tool that will help in the process of

creating/editing .nav files, and using the FritzScript system.

+ Example .bot file so that you can learn how to make your own bots of

your friends to play against in the game.

+ Online Tutorial to get you started.

+ Helpful online community to turn to with any


Even with all this, there is still a lot of work yet to do yet on Fritz: Tank/Railgun support is already in the works, and will be available soon! So don't worry - GoldRush and FuelDump (as well as all the cutom tank maps) are coming soon!!

With this release, I hope you can understand why it took as long as it did to release (I only started working on Fritz ET last fall), and I hope you'll enjoy playing Fritz ET as much as myself and the team did making it.

I would like to send out a special thanks to the entire FritzBot team: Denny, CrapShoot, 420Blunt and Hobbit, and to everyone whos supported this little bot mod from its humble beginnings to where we are today.

Enjoy FritzBot!

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