Half-Life 2 - Total Mayhem Flash Game

  • Category First Person
  • Size 1.4 MB
  • Program by top-download.net

Half-Life 2 - Total Mayhem Flash Game

A Half-Life 2 fan flash game created by top-download.net. This game features simple shooting-range style gameplay, cool half life 2 images and sound. You will be up all night trying to beat that high score!

The first version of Total Mayhem got played so much, that it really became time to do an update.

--- Changes from to

Added lot's of extra sounds effects.

Added basic anticheat technologie.

Added several extra graphic effects like

- a damage indicator

- a new death sequence

- intro improvement

- strider hit sequence improvement

- and several small improments

Also with the feedback of gamers some gameplay fine-tuning was implemented.

Various other improvements