Unreal Tournament 3 - Hazard: The Journey Of Life

A philosophical single player first person environmental...

  • Category First Person
  • Size 11.4 MB
  • Program by Alexander Bruce

Unreal Tournament 3 - Hazard: The Journey Of Life

A philosophical single player first person environmental puzzle art game that will change the way you think about the life. This very non-standard game was selected as a finalist in the Sense Of Wonder 2009 Experimental Gameplay project at the Tokyo Game Show.

Make Something Unreal Submission:

- MSU Phase 4:Best FPS Game Mod

- MSU Phase 4:Best Non-FPS Game Mod

- MSU Phase 4:Best Art for a Game Mod

- MSU Phase 4:Best Level for Game Mod

- MSU Phase 4:Educational Category

- MSU Phase 4:Best Graphics in Map

- MSU Phase 4:Best Use of Physics


Flags the game must be run with to work properly


You will need to run with game with the following commands

-useunpublished -mod ../Hazard -resx=800 -resy=600

As silly as it sounds, the game was designed in 800x600 to save on rendering, and so there are some screenspace materials that are relying on this.

If you don't run at 800x600, the game won't be as nice and seamless as it should be.

Please just run at 800x600. You really don't need any more detail than that in this game anyway. It's all linework and colours.


Miscellaneous issues related to MSU submission


This version of Hazard is uncooked, due to issues when trying to cook and the pending deadline

As a result, music was removed from the game, as without music, the game is relatively tiny, but with uncompressed wavs it was 100mb larger

I've tried to remove as many bugs as possible, but there may still be some issues.

Framerate took a dive while trying to finish up the game for submission to Make Something Unreal. Not sure why.


Notes about Lighting in Hazard


For lighting results as intended by the designer:

Run the game once to generate UT*.ini files in the Config folder

Exit the game (Press Escape)

Open your Config Folder

Open UTEngine.ini

Under [SystemSettings] set CompositeDynamicLights=FALSE

Otherwise you will experience artefacts with the lighting rendered in the game.

Lighting in Hazard does not follow the standard Unreal method.

With CompositeDynamicLights=TRUE, you will experience some lit shadows instead of lit materials.

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