Nocturne Patch 2 (Build 1.00.52)

This is the second patch for Nocturne...

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Nocturne Patch 2 (Build 1.00.52)

This is the second patch for Nocturne. Notice that using this patch may invalidate older saved games if it is from a part of the game that was patched. This patch fixes several issues, so see the details in "more info" for instructions.



Date: January 25, 2000

Nocturne Build 1.00.52



If you need technical support for Nocturne, please contact the Gathering Of Developers at:

Gathering of Developers Technical Support Line: (214) 303-1202

Gathering of Developers Technical Support Email: [email protected]


Reasons to install this patch:

1. This version of Nocturne fixes problems with hardware mixing and SoundBlaster Live cards.

2. This version of Nocturne allows 2MB ATI 3D Expression cards to start Nocturne.

3. This version of Nocturne fixes various script anomalies that could prevent Nocturne from operating correctly under unusual circumstances. An example is little Tommy will start his dialog in the church even if he has somehow gotten stuck on a pew.

4. The ambient sound for Act 1 will now play, but only if you have done a complete install.

5. This version of Nocturne includes a fix that allows Voodoo3 cards running the 1.03.00 drivers (or later) from 3Dfx to run at full speed with hardware acceleration.



Unzip this file to any temporary directory of your choice. When you run nocpatch2.exe, the patch file will locate your installed version of Nocturne.

Please, keep this patch file. If you reinstall Nocturne, or if you have done a selective or minimal install, when you install a new Act in Nocturne, this patch must be applied each time AFTER you have installed a new Act.

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