Telengard is an adaptation of a Commodore 64...


Telengard is an adaptation of a Commodore 64. Create a character, explore dungeons, cast spells, and find unique items.

README for Telengard


Telengard is an adaptation of a Commodore 64 adventure

game of the same name. It is fairly faithful to the

original, but there are several changes and enhancements.

Brief instructions:

After creating a character, you will see a view of your

surroundings in the dungeon. Move around by tapping the

squares surrounding your character. You can use items

and magic spells by tapping the "Item" and "Cast" buttons.



This game is being distributed as shareware. You will not

be able to progress beyond level 3 of the dungeon without

registering. Registration is only $10 and you can order

online via my web page at:

Thanks for trying this game!

Andrew Brault - [email protected]

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