SarkBall v1.0

SarkBall is a hockey/basketball/lacrosse game that uses the...

SarkBall v1.0

SarkBall is a hockey/basketball/lacrosse game that uses the game Rune as an engine. The object of the game is to out score your opponents by taking the sarkball and throwing it against your opponents gong. Sounds simple right? Well it would be if the opposing teams were not armed with broadswords and other deadly weapons.


The game has a lot of customizable features. Here is a list of server options that are enabled via the sarkball.ini file:

Customizable team names

Team balancing with bots

Desired team size and count

Pre-game count down

New round count down after a goal is scored

Dead ball counter for balls that have fallen out of the playing area or out of the world

You can choose which weapons the game will be played with

Settings for the players speed, ball carrier speed, and all players GameJumpZ

Selection between game balls

Set the referee password

Advance throwing where your momentum is factored in.

There is an auto team balance feature that will even out teams with bots or incoming players. When the server has bots playing and a new player joins, a bot is killed to make room for the new player.

They bots play very well and can enhance the game. They play just like players. They will go for passes, taunt if they want a pass, attack the opposing team if they have possession, pass to other team mates, and score as well.

They have been programmed with the possibility causing fumbles and bad throws so they can play like intermediate players. The bots support path nodes too (although it is not necessary in most maps).

SarkBalls & Goals:

You can have your choice of 5 different ball types:

Sark Ragnar's Head

The Golden Dwarf (he will jump away)

The Golden Keg

RUNE logo

Goblin Torch

If for any reason a ball disappears through a wall, falls out of game play, if a player with ball possession leaves, or you can not find it, the game has a ball tracker which will kick in and restart a new round.

If that does not work, there is a “dead ball” counter that will restart the round if the ball is not picked up.

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