Unreal Tournament 3 - XS Harpy

The Harpy leaves countless possibilities to explore...

Unreal Tournament 3 - XS Harpy

The Harpy leaves countless possibilities to explore. Transport friends with your tractorbeam or protect them with your shields, throw enemies high up into the air or into lava, slam them down onto the ground, pulverize them with your impact hammers or park a handy vehicle on them... the choice is yours!

Make Something Unreal Submission:

-Phase 2: Best Game Mod

-Phase 2: Best New Vehicle

-Phase 2: Best Use of Physics

The Harpy

- an XS Vehicles production

Full release 1, 2008-10-18


Copy the UTGame folder into your Unreal Tournament 3 folder, then select one of three methods to get the Harpy into the game:

1. Enable the Harpy mutator to replace Raptors, Cicadas, Furies and Nightshades with Harpies.

2. Enter the following console command to spawn a Harpy:

summon xs_harpy.harpy

3. Enable and configure the Vehicle Replacement mutator (by Captain Snarf) for full control over vehicle replacement. The mutator can be found here:;9529847


Harpy VTOL aircraft. Tractorbeam with custom locking mechanism, automated impact hammers, energy shields. Animated maw, spine, arms, engines, thruster, landing gear and tail. Custom everything; visual effects, sound, HUD, damage effects, flight behavior. Full net support. Full bot support.


Primary fire controls the tractorbeam. Target lock speed depends on accuracy, distance, target weight and target type. Altfire controls the shields. Hammers auto-charge and auto-fire while shields are deactivated. Mousewheel controls camera distance. Mousewheel instead controls tractorbeam length while the beam is active.



Concept, gameplay design, weapon code, HUD code, project organization, bot code.


Concept art, 3D-modelling, sound.


Texturing, animation, visual effects, netcode, weapon code, packaging.

Captain Snarf:

Vehicle Replacement mutator

Rooster3D (AKA "the Harpy Slayer"), Mister Trioxin, jsterj, A_Spec


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