UT2003 UDE Beta and Patch

This .zip contains the latest UDE beta and patch released on...

UT2003 UDE Beta and Patch

This .zip contains the latest UDE beta and patch released on Oct. 2, 2002 along with some other important Unreal Tournament 2003 tool files. See more information for details.

Unreal Development Environment (UDE):

THis includes the latest beta version of UDE that has all .UC uscript source files for the retail release of UT2003. Use these and the .U packages to make script mods for UT2003.

The .U files:

These are the retail .U packages compiled in debug mode. When using the "Debug" .U's, please make sure you keep a backup copy of your originals. They are not compatible online and do effect performance.

The UDE Patch:

A user found a big bug that would cause UCC to attempt to recompile all of your .U's, not just new ones. If this has happened to you, don't worry. You can find the original .U's in your system dir with the extension .~U or on the CD. Install the patch (UDE-02-10-02.exe) included to fix it.

The Debugger Logo:

The missing .BMP file for the debugger should be placed in your /HELP directory.

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