Arcanum Save Game Editor v1.8

This file allows learned schematics to be changed into any...

Arcanum Save Game Editor v1.8

This file allows learned schematics to be changed into any other learned schematic. Race and gender can be changed and there are more choices for the Magick/Tech bar. You can also edit permanent NPC followers!


Step 1 - Test the editor to see if it needs installation. (If an error occurs you do need to install following step 2 and 3. If no error occurs, you do not need to go on with step 2 and 3.)

Step 2 - Move all the ocx/dll files into your Windows/System Folder. (In some cases you may need to overwrite files already there. It is best to backup these files just in case)

Step 3 - Use regsvr32 on each of the files you placed in the System folder. The editor should now be installed.


Step 1 - Double click on the exe file to start the editor.

Step 2 - Go to the File Menu and select the Open command.

Step 3 - Pick the save game you wish to open and edit. (Sometimes you will have to manually navigate to your save folder depending on how you installed Arcanum.)

Step 4 - A name input screen should now appear. Enter your Character's name into it.

Step 5 - Now providing the name is valid, all the stats for the character should appear and can now be changed.

Step 6 - Make the changes that you wish.

Step 7 - Save the changes by going to file/save command. You can also use save as to save it as another file but be warned by doing this you will not see the changes in the game unless you rename that file to take the place of the tfaf file that you originally opened.

Step 8 - Exit the editor and go play enjoying the new statistics.

Modifications to the prior Version 1.7

Health has been started though at the moment it currently uneditable as in almost all npcs it is wrong and in most low level pcs it is wrong.

Tollo Underhill, Weldo Rubin, and Loghaire Thunderstone are now in the editor. Now all permanent Npcs are in the editor.

Arronax and Gorgoth are now in the editor.

Learned Schematics now can be changed into any other learned schematic.

Race and Gender are now changable.

Magick/Tech bar has been improved to allow more choices.

The Bane of Kree and Kraka-Tur are now in the editor.

Sebastion and Franklin Payne are now in the editor.

Top 3 Arcanum Save Game Editor v1.8 Alternatives

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