Unreal Tournament 3 - Mr. Pants' Excessive Overkill

Excessive is an over-the-top mod that makes all the weapons...

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  • Program by Dan 'MadNad' Woodall

Unreal Tournament 3 - Mr. Pants' Excessive Overkill

Excessive is an over-the-top mod that makes all the weapons super-powerful, turns off self-damage, gives all the players regenerating health and ammo, and makes every game into a wild and crazy frag-fest! In the fast and furious bloodfest that is Excessive, it's not about staying alive it's about taking as many people as possible out with you.

Make Something Unreal Submission:


Phase 1: Best Mutator

Notable Features


- Regenerating health and ammo

- All pickups removed except DoubleDamage, JumpBoots, and SuperHealth Everyone starts out with DoubleDamage on map start

- Everyone starts out with all weapons

- Falling damage turned off

- Self damage turned off

- Everyone spawns with 300 health and 100 armor

- Fast weapon switching

- All weapons super powerful

- All vehicles super powerful

- Several weapons have a can be toggled to change firing characteristics. To enable the toggle command,

open UTInput.ini and in the first section [Engine.PlayerInput] and add

Bindings=(Name="X",Command="ToggleExcessiveWeapon") where "X" is the key you want to bind.


- Toggles a launch mode where you keep the pucks velocity


- Toggles bouncy shock balls


- toggles akimbo

Link Gun

- Toggles between spread and focus projectiles

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