3D Ultra Cool Pool Registry Server Fix

**************FIX FOR 3D ULTRA COOL POOL v.1 and v...

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3D Ultra Cool Pool Registry Server Fix

**************FIX FOR 3D ULTRA COOL POOL v.1 and v 1.0.1*************

This is a Registry Key fix for cool pool so the game will connect to the new servers.

Just right click and select Merge and your game will find the new rooms.

Check out for more info on this

On 16th August -07 Sierra shut down their server and ended multiplayer functionality for this game. Now community hosted servers are up with server soft recived from Sierra. But for the 3D Ultra cool pool to connect with the new servers you will need to change the registry key for this game.

This is the registry fix for that - Right click and select merge. Meta server will change from coolpool.west/ to and

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