Hallo Warcraft

Listen to this comical mp3 of the inhabitants of Warcraft...

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  • Program by Blizzard

Hallo Warcraft

Listen to this comical mp3 of the inhabitants of Warcraft celebrating Halloween.

The Inhabitants of Warcraft Celebrate Halloween

In a far-off corner of Azeroth, a gathering of humans, orcs, night elves and undead seek shelter together against the ravages of a gathering storm. A few trolls attempt to boost morale by banging rocks and sticks together in a semi-rhythmic fashion, and flasks of the rich and heady Kalimdorian Ale are passed out by the tauren. An uneasy peace is achieved among the factions who, when the storm has spent its energy, will surely return to the battlefield once more as enemies. And so the evening passes for this ragtag band of warriors, unaware that they are being stalked by an ancient evil...a malevolent force that knows no pity or mercy...a nameless terror that can only be satiated by one thing...

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