DARK MATTER is a 3D space shoot-em-up with some strategic...


DARK MATTER is a 3D space shoot-em-up with some strategic elements. You'll fly for one of several alien species. DARK MATTER was designed from the get go to be networkable. This is a technology demo that demonstrates the engine core and initial extensions.


Dark Matter Press Release

Overview "Who are you?"

We are a small independent game developer located in Lynnwood, Washington. Founded by Robert Shaw, our development team brings innovation and talent from many disciplines into the gaming realm. Our goal is to produce ingenious and imaginative games for the mass market - games that will appeal to many different sectors. We are currently looking for a publisher for Dark Matter.

The Game "What are you working on?"

Our current project is an arcade/strategy space simulation, built from the ground up to be a networked game: Dark Matter. It is currently being developed for the PC. In Dark Matter you will fight on the side of one of several alien species. Some of our key features:

- Large scale combat: Hoards of ships.

- Fast paced frenzied engagements.

- Several game types all set in a space motif: Capture the flag, territorial control, and xenocide.

- Access to all ships on your side: Fight as a lowly fighter, patrolling corvette, or titanic capital ship.

- Massive scale: From 10m long fighters to 4km long capital ships

- Fight as one of 8 races each with different abilities, characteristics, and spacecraft.

- Over 30 spacecraft you can pilot.

- Campaigns: Learn the history of specific species in a campaign arena.

- Arcade and simulation modes.

- Inventive 3D interface.

- Intense dynamic environments: Fight in an asteroid field, minefield, nebula, or near a black hole.

- Awesome graphics: Using advanced DirectX rendering capabilities.

- Dynamic sound with A3D and EAX, dynamic music with DirectMusic.

- Alien artifacts: Find ancient alien artifacts that may turn the tide of the battle.

- Advanced AI employing layered fuzzy state logic and genetics.

- Give ship level command or species wide orders.

- Strategic view: Control the battle in real time, giving commands to everyone in your fleet.

- Extensible architecture means new species, hazards, and artifacts can be added with ease.

- You play it the way you want it: Play it as an arcade game or a strategy game.

So What "Why should I care?"

We are offering a new paradigm in space combat. Gone are the long waits and average story line of the normal space battle game. We will keep you in the battle at all times. Because you can switch to a new craft at will you will never be far from the action and our tiered approach to game design makes Dark Matter attractive to a broad spectrum of consumers: play it as an arcade simulation, a strategy game, a networked deathmatch or team play. Also we are striving to make each species as different as possible, from ship abilities to voice and characterization. Some ships will cloak, others have organic hulls, and each species will be completely unique in design as well as implementation.

The Plan "So what are you guys going to do?"

We plan to support our product as much as we can with the media and consumers. We will provide a production web site with timely updates, screenshots and movies as well as information on the separate species in the game. We also plan to provide the media with timely information concerning the game.

The Future "Where are you going with this?"

Currently Dark Matter is set up as a peer to peer networked game. Since it plays functionally the same as a single player or multi-player game, we plan to release to retail stores. Our current setup will allow for 32 simultaneous players. Depending on publishing support we are postured to create a client server version of the game that could host many more players. Because of our extensible architecture, adding new species, hazards, and artifacts will be an easy process. These new game items could be provided free on a web site or as expansion packs.

What We Need "What ARE you looking for?"

Contact "Who can we talk to?"

Bob Shaw Chad Redmon

Founder Game Designer/ Project Lead

(425) 774 0890 (425) 774 1203

[email protected] [email protected] or [email protected]

19730 64th Ave W #301 19730 64th Ave W #301

Lynnwood, WA 98036 Lynnwood, WA 98036

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