Half-Life 2 Techdemo HL1 Map v.2

Ever wondered how much of the Half-Life 2 footage could be...

Half-Life 2 Techdemo HL1 Map v.2

Ever wondered how much of the Half-Life 2 footage could be emulated with Half-Life 1? Play this fan made map to find out!

Title : Half-Life 2 Tech Demo Parody (Version 2)

Date : 29 May 2003

Filename : hl2_techdemo.bsp

Author : Adam

Email Address : [email protected]

Description : Half-Life single player map to show how big a step HL2 really is.

: Also showing that you should never underestimate the HL1 engine.

(Includes source files)

Credits/Thanks : Thanks to Valve for making the game and supporting the Half-Life community.

Thanks to the HL community and all my friends for such a grand experience.

------Play Information-----------------------------------------------

TFC Deathmatch : No

Single Player : Yes

Map Description : A single room modeled off of the first area of the tech demo at E3 of 2003

Pretend your playing Half-Life 2 if you want, but theres no elite gravity

gun or other type of special effects besides the COOL PACHINCO MACHINE!! :D

As you will soon find out, HL1 is both very versitile and yet... so limiting.

Enjoy! (Note: This is only the pachinco area.)

The source files are included for your learning.

Known Bugs : Only 1. If you trigger one of the traps too quickly, the enemy will hold it up like hercules. Kinda cool actualy, so I left it in.

Features : ONE NEW TEXTURE! OMG!!!!!!

------Map Information------------------------------------------------

New Textures : YES! Wad file included.

New Sounds : Nope


Base : From scratch while looking at the gamespy 600+ meg video trailer.

Editor(s) used : Hammer 3.5 Beta

Compile Machine : AMD Athlon XP 2000+

Compile time : Approx. 5 mins.

------Map Instructions-----------------------------------------------

Unzip the files in this archive.

Place the map, "hl2_techdemo.bsp" in your half-life/valve/maps directory.

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