Unreal Tournament 3 - WAR-PsychoTropix v1.0 Final

On a far off world, upon a long lost tropical island,...

Unreal Tournament 3 - WAR-PsychoTropix v1.0 Final

On a far off world, upon a long lost tropical island, Liandri has found a series of small temples built ages ago. Being much less restrictive than previous Warfare environments, only the most skilled and adventurous will leave this battlefield victorious. Here, where even the greatest warriors can meet an untimely end, test your mettle and your prowess.

Make Something Unreal Submission:

-Phase 2: Best Warfare Level

-Phase 2: Best Graphics in Map

Version: Final v1.0

Player Support: 16 to 40

Complete Bot Support: Yes

Gametypes Supported: Warfare

Credits: ShadeMistress (author), MedievalWorlds for the Wagon Mesh and texture (paid for, royalty free), Epic (for Unreal Tournament 3, some Static Meshes, Sound FX, Music, and Materials), and all the cool people on the Epic Games UT3 Forums and at ZeroFrag.com

Play Testers/Honorable Mentions: Stevelois (for lots of critical feedback and many good suggestions), thalos, VoodooMaster (for trying to help with prior bot issues as well), Xcader (also, for helping with the bot issues), Squiggles, BulgeMaster (for at least having a look at the pathing also), and anyone else I may not have mentioned that has tested this or previous versions and given me feedback.



- Made it so that Team Switch Sides each round.

- Took all collision off of the leaves on the Palm Trees so that the vehicle weapons (particularly long-range ones) can properly aim beyond the leaves and the battlefield is much more open.

- Added a lot of ferns by creating a mesh composed of multiple ferns. This will be completed in the next release.

- Added a Fury at the Darkwalker Node, though there is no pathing for it yet.

- Started adding more little details.

- Removed Specularity maps to reduce file size and used the alpha layer of the color map in its place.


- Removed almost all Epic's Meshes and materials, then added a couple more to construct a Liandri Shield Generator/Lift for the cores (see below).

- Replaced many Epic Materials with my own, including a nice rock material to make the rock meshes look a little less like Epic's (even though they are Epic's lol).

- Changed lighting and skydome. Sky Dome is now completely custom.

- Got rid of sparks emitters on flames as it was causing weird crashes when trying to edit LODs for the particle system. This may get re-implemented later for High World Detail users.

- Old Tank Node is gone and old Air Node is gone.

- Where Air Node was is now the East Darkwalker Node and will spawn a Darkwalker, 2 Scavengers, and a Nemesis.

- The Tank Node was replaced with a Countdown Node that I named "Enemy Access Node" as it will raise the enemy Power Core (giving you easy access to it from far off, hehee) to the Dome on the roof. The Core will take about 20 seconds to travel to the Up position, linger there for 30 seconds, then travel back down. Vehicles at the Countdown Node include a Nemesis, 2 Vipers, and 2 Scavengers.

- Liandri got bored quickly with the straight forward combat of the previous trial matches and decided to hire a team of engineers to place more Jump Pads, different vehicle factories, and construct a device that would change the way that the map is played. Currently, each team can raise it's enemy's core to a more vulnerable position by use of a Countdown Node. Rumor has it that a Fleet of Heavily armored Cicadas outfitted with advanced AI was recently purchased by Liandri to attack enemy cores via remote satellite call from the Countdown Node... (an Idea I have had for a while, having about 5 Cicadas fly by in formation and pummel the core with a rocket volley when it is up. I'd like the total damage per volley to not exceed 20 and still need to watch my FPS. It took a tiny hit with the addition of static light for the movers, but I believe it was worth it.)

- Re-did the mini-map.

- Made sure to get the Map Preview Pic Working, no more ugly default one.

- Liandri decided to vaporize some trees to make the environment more lethal at longer range.... There's also many Sniper Rifles hidden around if you scout around enough to find the jump pads.

- Continued on making use of sparse grass and other low-lying foliage meshes. Specific meshes will be hand-picked for each detail mode only after the Last Final Release Candidate.

- Took out all pathing AGAIN and have begun re-doing all of the item placement, hopefully more balanced (heck, I think so for sure, I been testing both sides).

- Removed Orb Spawner from Center Node and tacked it onto the Darkwalker Node. It will no longer be so easy to whore the Orb at the Center Node.

- Redesigned the Fan Palm Trees. Now they are less plain at ground level.

- Redesigned the leaf texture for the Date Palm Tree meshes, it is now smoother, though has a slight clipping error that I will address soon.

- Removed ALL flying vehicles from the map. They detracted from the experience and now combat is much more fierce. They also had a horrible, HORRIBLE framerate problem and at this juncture it seems unlikely that I will be able to make the map playable at decent FPS in the air AND still look good at that high altitude. So go ahead and flame, it won't get them back any faster.

There is a remote possibility that alternate link setups will allow a number of new setups to have varying vehicles including: Aerial Craft and Air Node to replace Countdown Node, All Necris, Tanked (Tanks, Paladins, Darkwalkers, and Hellbenders only), and Speed Match (Mantas, Vipers, and Scorpions only)


- Added a lot more trees.

- Added some volumetric meshes for the sunlight.

- Tweaked the bases.

- Deleted all items and vehicles and started re-placing them by hand, adding many more vehicles.

- Deleted carriages and crates so that I could re-size them more accurately.

- Removed some asian meshes that did not blend well with Necris meshes.

- Added a bunch more ambient sounds.

- Tweaked Post Processing.

- Did some optimization on BSP and extra meshes that were hidden as well as tweaking CullDistance and Fog.

- Started re-pathing the map. Pathing is rather basic right now, but I plan to watch the bots' behavior and place items along their most used paths.

- Closed the front of the bases, the Core can only be attacked fron the sides/rear now. Adjusted cameras to show some of the map in the background....

- Replaced Fan Palms that were 16,000+ polygons with a new model that has less than 1500.

- Replaced Date Palms that had over 20,000 polys with a better version that has just over 2400 polys.

- Re-worked the Center Node to be a little easier to defend.

- Tank Node spawns a LOT of heavy firepower (2 Tanks, Paladin, SPMA, and 2 Mantas).

- Added some detail meshes for Medium and High World Detail modes (grass and other low-lying plants mostly)

- Added Firefly emitters here and there to give more of a sense of depth, motion, and life to the map.

- Added more ambient sound effects that still thin out at the blue end, but it should be done upon next release.

- A lot more, but am too burnt out to type them all now, you'll just have to play it and see huh? lol


- Changed the entire sky and lighting environment, tweaked PostProcess settings, fixed the water plane "popping" effect.

- Added a new Turret Post with a Sniper Point near the Air Node.

- Added Many more meshes (there are trees all the way to the blue base now, though they are still noticeably more sparse for the time being.

- Tweaked bot support to make bots take more different paths.

- Added some items to the Blue Side of the island to help get the flow more balanced.

- Added Paladin and extra Scorpion to each Base.

- Added Hellbenders to Prime Nodes.

- Added 2 Scorpions and a Paladin to the Tank Node, replacement/movement of the Turret is being considered if it can be placed in such a way that does not allow it to hit the Center Node.

- Added more custom meshes here and there (wagons need resized to be much bigger and barrels a tad smaller).

- Replaced all terrain materials and static rock mesh materials with custom materials.

- Optimized most of the map, I am considering making fog a bit heavier so that I may cull more items from the distance....

- Added torch lights around the air node.

- Added some static light meshes (with lights) to the Bases to brighten them up some.


-Added bot pathing and a few more static meshes.

-Added some sounds and emitters.

-There is no more damage zone outside the map, just a solid invisible wall. Sucks, but it was the damage volumes that screwed up the bots.

-Now has some music.

-Lots more rocks, trees, and vines. May run slow as I have yet to add a cull distance volume. Will have the culling and other optimizations by the Beta Release.

Many more items were not listed in the readme, as I started to simply list them in the threads for the mod as it developed to gather suggestions faster.

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