Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Buster Sword Mod v1.3

This mod adds a replica of Zack Fair's (Also Cloud and...

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  • Program by DoubleBrewski

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Buster Sword Mod v1.3

This mod adds a replica of Zack Fair's (Also Cloud and Angeal) Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core on the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) to Skyrim.

The Mesh and Textures were NOT created by me, DoubleBrewski. This awesome Buster Sword was made by a talented modder called DemonZariche and was originally posted in an Oblivion mod. The original mod for Oblivion is available here: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=20106

Mod Page:


The Buster Sword can be crafted at any forge. You only need to have the Steel Smithing perk, 4 leather strips, 4 gold ingots, and about 20 steel ingots to make one.

Updated: 12-7-2011 - New version 1.3 posted with longer handle for both one and two-handed versions of the Buster Sword.

Name changed in game menu from "Bustersword" to "Buster Sword" by request.

Extra file added with two new Final Fantasy VII swords! Kadaj's double-bladed katana Souba and Sephiroth's Masamune. Both can be crafted at any forge.

Version 1.2 includes optional One-Handed Buster Sword for dual-wielding fun!


Special Thanks To:


DemonZariche for this amazingly beautiful sword.

Jaysus for posting the instructions on the Nexus Forums to convert meshes to Skyrim with Nifskope and TESSnip.

ThrottleKitty for the amazing Nif.XML file which made this conversion possible!

( http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13576177/NifTools/nif.xml )

Phate3 for posting how to change the weapon damage amount on the Nexus forums.

Neon for the Masamune and Souba weapons and Delfofthebla for the Oblivion mod, "FF7 Blades Complete" which they came from.

Juniorff for requesting the Masamune conversion.

Bethesda (Obviously) for continuing to make the most awesome and exhilarating games that are always freely modifiable for geeks like us.

The creators of fine free mod-ware like Nifskope, TESSnip, and the Mod Managers, etc. You make it all possible!


I had previously forgot to mention in my credits:


i3vdone for the TesSnip Skyrim Simple Plugins Guide:


(I had read the "how-to" part already on the Nexus Forums, but I still used your blank plug-in file)

and. . .

evretibia for the Skyrim ESM IDs and Strings lists.


You made the whole process so much easier

I'm really sorry for not crediting you both before.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Will you make any more Final Fantasy stuff? I'd really like the SOLDIER's outfit and. . .

A: No, No, No! Please read the description, credits, and read me first folks: I DID NOT MAKE THIS BUSTER SWORD. It was made by DemonZariche for an Oblivion Mod. I just converted the mesh to work in Skyrim. That's all. I did not make it. Stop asking me to make something. . .

No I don't personally know DemonZariche nor will I ask him to make you something. . .

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