Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific - Silent Fire v1.5.2

The final installment to Snaptrap's Silent Fire enhancement...

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Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific - Silent Fire v1.5.2

The final installment to Snaptrap's Silent Fire enhancement mod for Silent Hunter 4 WotP: U-Boat Missions expansion only. (view additional info).

Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific v1.5 – Silent Fire v1.5.2 by Snaptrap ([email protected])

Testing Credits: Thierry (Sturmer), Lee (chuckyx1)

Important Notes:

- It is not recommended to surface or turn at Ahead Flank or Back Emergency.

- Sensors have been completely revamped to remove the constant warning stoppage.

- Only fire homing torpedoes with the engines set to the slowest speed or they could home in on you.

- Be careful while using Ahead Flank on rough waters as it could cause your vessel to dip steeply.

- Bow compartments have been loaded with the best straight run torpedoes for more attack options.

- Gun fire rates have been reduced from the previous version to run better on lesser systems.

RPS = Rounds per second MLS = Miles KTS = Knots MTS = Meters MPS = Meters per second

Torpedo Guide: All torpedoes travel at a depth of 1.5mts and arm at a range of 50mts. All standard torpedoes have two speed settings: 50kts & 100kts. All homing torpedoes have one speed setting: 50kts. All torpedoes have two pistol settings with Pistol 1 detonating on impact and Pistol 2 magnetically detonating 2mts from target. The default torpedo setting is 50kts with Pistol 1. Settings will need to be changed manually even when using the automatic targeting or default settings will be used.

Complete Features List: (applies to all submersibles unless stated otherwise)

1) All shell types are now available to every gun type (AP, HE, AA, SS).

2) Automatically come installed with the best weapons and equipment available to them.

3) All upgrades, torpedo types, and extra sub models are free and immediately available.

4) Begin a American or German career with 100,000, 200,000, and 500,000 renown points.

5) Enhanced armour ratings makes you invincible to attack but not to collisions with land masses.

6) Crew members will maintain gunnery positions even through rough storm conditions.

7) Crew have increased attack range with deck (8mls) and AA (4mls) guns.

8) Crew members no longer suffer from fatigue or damage.

9) Crew members are all high performing with all medals.

10) Crew ranks have no experience requirements.

11) Increased diving and surfacing speeds.

12) Increased torpedo firing depth (100mts).

13) Increased sensor and visual detection ranges.

14) Increased acceleration and deceleration speeds.

15) Increased surface and submerged speeds (50kts).

16) Increased gun turret rotation and elevation speeds.

17) Increased damage dealt from torpedoes and shells.

18) Increased periscope height and raise/lower speeds.

19) Increased surface and submerged turning capabilities.

20) Increased fire rates for deck (2rps) and AA (10rps) guns.

21) Increased u-boat decoy effectiveness and inventory (10,000).

22) Increased crash depth (100mts) and depth survivability (500mts).

23) Increased u-boat radar and sonar stealth capability (undetectable).

24) Increased travel distances for diesel and battery operations (100,000mls).

25) Increased shell inventory (50,000) per ammo type and magazine (500) sizes.

26) Increased torpedo inventory in all internal (500) and external (500) compartments.

27) Increased travel speeds for shells (3mps) and torpedoes (50, 100, 150kts).

28) Increased ranges for shells (30mls) and torpedoes (60mls).

29) Increased reload speeds for shells and torpedoes.

30) Torpedo problems have been removed.

Special Thanks: To skwasjer for use of his Silent 3ditor tool and to Breakpoint Software for use of their Hex Workshop program to aid me with my Silent Hunter mod. To the Silent Hunter development team for making this fantastic game, and the appreciation received from those who found enough patience to allow me the time to make this possible. – Snappy


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