Excessive Overkill v2.1 for UT2003 [UMOD]

Excessive is an over-the-top mod that makes all the weapons...

Excessive Overkill v2.1 for UT2003 [UMOD]

Excessive is an over-the-top mod that makes all the weapons super-powerful, turns off self-damage, gives all the players regenerating health and ammo, and makes every game into a wild and crazy frag-fest all for

Unreal Tournament 2003


2.1 Change List

Fixed priority or weapons to use epic default priorities

FlameThrower napalm, spawns 3 flame globs that spread on impact

New 3rd person flame thrower model

Flame thower skin modified

Added the flame thrower static mesh pickup

Flame thrower displays in the weapon database

Fixed flame thrower water crashing

Added steam effects if flames touch water

Fixed flame thrower wait anim that turns off pilot

Added flame thrower ammo logo on HUD

Fixed not being able to set Excessive weapon priorites through the weapon database

Added New Ion cannon ( 3 Ion Cannons Per 1 in map ) causes unstable ionic field

Fixed painter switching bug online

Fixed Guided Redeemer Warhead explosion to only spawn remaining rocket ammo

Fixed spawning rockets from primary Redeemer projectile impact to seek only the other team or if it can't find one, a random player start

Fixed assault rifle ammo 1 bug

Fixed speed portion of Insane Combo not functioning

Fixed the invisibility portion of Combo Insane not lasting the duration of the combo

Random Teleport much more random :)

Random teleport with BR ball drops ball

Tweaked some weapon push on BR ball

Added range to the BR ball

More easily lock onto BR team members for passing

Tweaked most weapons momentum push on BR ball

Made bio globs float on water

Slightly reduced rocket max speed

Removed gametypes ( only run as a mutator )

Fixed weapons stats not displaying correctly at end of game ( press F3 )

Added more configurable options in mutator config gui

Added Excessive Menu Music

Added bindable Excessive keys in the standard UT2003 controls menu (must have full download of Excessive)

Added a menu for advanced game settings

Added Menu Credit list

Added loads of fun :)

Fixes & Updates from V1 to V2


New menu

Decreased playerSpeed

Added left hand and centered weapon support

Removed xWeaponBases off and online (thx Wormbo)

Set some effects to bHighDetail to increase performance


- Slower Adrenaline Award by excessive

- Added Random Teleport Combo Move

- Sucide Combo Removed

- Fix health Regeneration Combo move only charging to 200 and increase rate of recharge

Add custom crosshair support



Configurable TransExplosion on/off

Lower Volume on TransExplosion

Fixed da stupid bots

Shield Gun

Decrease shield Jumping strength (configurable)

Fix Charge fx - (not charging in sync with weapon)

Increase shield effectiveness

- Full body shield which reflects or absorbs most projectiles

- Added sprint mode to shield alt fire if you have more than 10 ammo. Cannot reuse till shield has fully recharged again.

Dual Assault Rifle

Increase accuracy

Momentum push

Toggle from bouncy grenades or explode on impact grenades

Bio Rifle

Increase damage

Increse number of globs

Increase bio glob life (3 seconds)

Shock Rifle

Increase damage on Primary Fire / Decrease fire rate

Secondary configure # of chain reaction balls (configurable)

Limited combo explosion sounds to 2 per stream


Increase primary fire damage

Add sounds for explosions on secondary fire

Increase player push on secondary fire

Decrease secondary hurtRadius damage


Fixed bot linking

Add Link beam explosion hit sounds

Decrease Link Projecitle momentum on victim

Increase Link Projecitle momentum on self

Fixed linking sounds and added effects

Flak Cannon

Concentrate primary fire more and increase fire rate

Increase damage on secondary and get more randomness on the 3 spawning shells

Rocket Launcher

Semi Auto Rocket Launcher

Increased locking ability

Added rocket acceleration

Sniper Rifle

Increase headshot radius (headshot=kill)

More arcs with more damage


Spawn 30 rockets that seek players

Shoot 30 rockets from the guided warhaed, spawns the ammo left of rockets on impact

Ion Cannon

Fix plasma balls not being destroyed when they hit a wall

Flame Thrower

Added to the arsenal

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