Contains the Frosty model as well as more skins such as...


Contains the Frosty model as well as more skins such as "Evil Frosty." (sound pak included)


========Frosty the Snowman!======== *Updated 29/11/1998*


WARNING: Hydrophobics turn back now!

Hello once again people,

It's the cold deep mid-winter, small woodland

creatures are suffering from frostbite as

usual. Now things get a bit technical...

Water - H2O - supports life, without it

nothing would live.

Now suppose water lives...

Water lives - but the fact it's that wet sloshy

stuff you bath in it should still be feared. A

little known life form, water has been around for

ages more than us, mere, carbonic freaks of nature.

Only one thing stands in the way of it becoming the

worst thing to happen since the 50s!

It can't hold itself together! - Example:

"ARRRRR, They're having another bath!!!!"

"Now it's my time... I'll just rise up and..."

"ARRRRR, I can't I'm just water!!!!"

Although water has a complete lack of being able

to pull itself together, all it has to do is wait.

Seas and Oceans have no trouble killing people.

Drowning, the seas and oceans aided by their salt

content are able to pull in unsuspecting bathers.

Rain an Tap water have no such luck, but at winter,

when the temperature goes below 0.. then they'll


Huge bodies of snow rise from the ground poised and

ready. Taking the form of harmless snowmen - doing

their battle dress of a Top hat and a rather ghastly

scarf, they sit and wait - when we watch them they

don't move. They just sit there, most of the time

they're actually sleeping - it just sounds more dramatic

having them quitely planning actack, rather than saying

they're dreaming of stamping on robins and sparrows.

The exsistance of snowmen is quite boring - Stamp on

woodland animals, try and remove the human race - swallow

small unwaery children. They have little to think about,

they've seen television and don't think much of it..

All these shows about American 20 somethings on sunkist

beaches just don't seem to interest them much.

Then Winter ends... we all know what happens now - they scream

and shout as there twisted visages melt into a pile of slush on

the ground. This is only the start of there pain, small children

come out and jump up and dowm on the slush. The snowman wants to

strike out.. but it can't.

It waits for the next winter to come....


Somethings to note:

1. Frosty is not a lewis carol type

thing creation.

2. Frosty leads his own army in the


3. Go to the above URL - NOW

4. Frosty kicks Ass!!!

I made this with Q2 modeller

The Skins I made was made with Npherno's Skin Tool

and Paint Shop Pro

Took about 2 weeks to whip up

[These to weeks may not have happened

in that order]


With the Holidays coming I've made this Frosty 'Home for

the Holidays' Upgrade.


Frosty now comes complete with VWep!!!


Frosty's VWep is *slightly* custom, two of the

weapons have different skins to the ID originals

[Thanks to Evilbastard, dojo, jim and r13 for VWep help]

Also I've made some new skins for the model inc.

New Enhanced CTF skins.

New skins:

Christmas Past


MonoChrome [Christmas Future]

and Christmas Present

Also I've had some skins donated:

Fros_T was donated by terminat0r

Santa was donated by TinBucket

Special Thanks to BloodRedJack for the

cool Evil Frosty Skin!

Also added in the special Christmas Edition Update

is Frosty's very own SoundPak!!!

Although this new file is called

You must unzip Frosty to baseq2/players/frosty/

or nasty Null skin errors will be you reward!

Please make more skins for it

Only one suit upsets snowmen

They need to wrap up warm.

Happy Frostbitten Fragging

Have a Merry Christmas!

Citrus Frog

[email protected]

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