Star Wraith IV: Reviction Demo

Launch into missions with objectives that include attack,...

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  • Size 9.9 MB
  • Program by StarWraith Team

Star Wraith IV: Reviction Demo

Launch into missions with objectives that include attack, defend, escort, patrol, rescue, mining, intercept and much more spanning a 25+ mission campaign with larger battles and more combat variety in this demo of Star Wraith IV.

Minimum System Requirements:

- Windows 95/98/Me/00/XP or better operating system

- 700 MHz processor minimum

- 128 MB RAM or more

- 32 MB DirectX compatible 3D accelerated video card

- 50 MB hard drive space (15 MB required for game)

- Mouse

- DirectX compatible Joystick or other game controller recommended (force feedback supported)

- Internet service with a 56k or faster connection required for internet TCP/IP multiplayer gameplay. Multiplayer gameplay in Star Wraith is FREE (obviously, your internet service provider's charges and original purchase price still apply). LAN (Local Area Network) or Parallel cable network connection required for direct cable network TCP/IP multiplayer gameplay.

- DirectX 8.1 or higher (free update available at: Microsoft's DirectX Website)

Recommended System Configuration:

- 1 GHz or faster processor

- 256 MB RAM or more

- 64 MB DirectX compatible 3D accelerated video card or better (ATI Radeon 9XXX Pro/XT, Nvidia GeForce FX, or Matrox Parhelia for optimal performance)

- HOTAS (Hands-On-Throttle-And-Stick) joystick or other game controller with at least 3 axis channels and 8 buttons (Star Wraith supports up to 10 axis channels and 32 buttons)

- High speed internet or LAN for multiplayer gameplay

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