FPS Terminator Alpha Demo v1.01

  • Category First Person
  • Size 373.3 MB
  • Program by Original Studios Team

FPS Terminator Alpha Demo v1.01

This is a single player experience for all terminator fans using the unreal engine III by Epic Games. set in the year 2029 you are placed in the boots a of soldier serving for humankind against the ruthless army of machines. The final campaign will feature nine chapters of a roller coaster ride, inspired by James Cameron's masterpiece franchise. Confront the many killing machines at skynet's disposal including the HK aerial, the HK tank, the mini HK, and the legendary T800 with an arsenal of futuristic plasma weapons.

v1.01 released! see More Info for details

Fixes from alpha demo 1.0

-Significantly better performance on the latest graphics cards, and drivers.

-Custom pause menu prevents UtHud from appearing.

-Simple checkpoint system that allows the player to respawn a few meters back from where they died, instead of having to restart the level.

-Simple settings in the main menu for adjusting look sensitivity

-Fixed bug that prevented certain animations from playing

-Resistance soldiers move a bit faster

-Resistance soldiers in cover will cease fire if enemies are out of range (but not 100%).

-Fixed jittering in the opening camera animation

-Fixed bug that allowed the player to assassinate a standing terminator while it's in crawler form.

-Resistance Assault rifle has been redesigned to prevent some controversy with a paticular fan-base

-Some unintentional shortcuts in the level has been fixed

-Fix the absence of certain postprocessing effects, such as bloom, motionblur, and Dof

-Fov has been increased by 5 degrees

-fixed the low-res textures on the skynet plasma rifle.

-The game's resolution by default is now at 1024x768

-Player's health recharges faster