UT2004 - SAS: Into the Lion's Den v3.0 to v3.1 Patch

This is the incremental patch for SAS: Into the Lion's Den...

UT2004 - SAS: Into the Lion's Den v3.0 to v3.1 Patch

This is the incremental patch for SAS: Into the Lion's Den updating v3.0 to v3.1, complete details listed below.


1. Linux Bugfixes - several corrections to fix stability issues for those Linux users who had problems running version 3.0 of SAS

2. Weapon Switch - you can now switch weapons from aim mode

3. Security Cameras - a new map actor allows for security cameras to work properly in multiplayer games

4. Knife Loadout Fix - now it uses your loadout setup for knives in the weapon rotation instead of relying on the preferred ini setting

5. Reload Animation Fix - small bugfix for first person reload animations so a player can fire again upon completion of the reload

6. Grenades - players can now prime grenades while jumping

7. Bullet Decals - decals are now removed at the end of the round

8. Control Settings - the SAS control settings page has been given a new layout

9. Fire Mode Switch - players can now bind individual keys for a direct switch to their preferred fire mode such as single, burst or full automatic

10. Preferred Fire Mode - in the Weapon's Database menu players can setup a preferred fire mode for weapons so when they select that weapon in the loadout or pick it up on the ground it will be automatically set to either single, burst or full automatic

11. Weapon Rotation - players can setup weapon rotations via the Weapon Database menu now

12. Credits - the credits page has been updated with team photos and other miscellaneous information

13. Sabotage Gametype - the countdown clock has been changed so that if any explosives are planted and the last defender is eliminated a short time later then the clock will jump to a 5 second countdown instead of counting down the full 30 seconds or whatever time is remaining

14. Objective Gametype - if a player is in the midst of a capture and the last defender is eliminated then the capture countdown will complete instead of finishing the countdown

15. Scoring System - the scoring system for Sabotage and Objective has been expanded to include awards for more than just planting/defusing/capturing and the F3 stats screen will now display the new expansions

16. Round Countdown Text - text messages on the HUD display the 5 second countdown at the beginning and end of each round

17. Karma Weapons Pickups - karma has been added to weapons dropped by players so they react properly with their surroundings

18. Grenade Disorientation Effect - a new hazy view effect has been added for grenades. If you are too close to a frag grenade explosion but manage to survive your first person view will be distorted with an after image effect and you'll get the same effect from a flashbang grenade as well

19. MOTD - the message of the day in the multiplayer browser has been fixed so it will display updated news and be formatted properly

20. Spectator Mode - spectators can now place kick votes and map votes

21. Weapon Pickup Actor - a new map actor allowing mappers to place weapon pickups from both the SAS and OpFor arsenals in their maps

22. Non Critical Mission Objectives - mappers can now setup non critical objectives in their maps that don't have an impact on the win/loss situation. You can add Sabotage style objectives to a TDM map or even add Objective style objectives to a Sabotage map.

23. Driveable Vehicles - the 101 Landrover, S3 Landrover and the 5 Ton Truck have been designated as driveable. These were added as a fun transport method around maps and will probably have limited support in the 3.1 release as they are more for the community to play with and devise their own maps around. Each vehicle has their own characteristics in terms of how much damage they can take, handling, speed, and can be destroyed by all normal weapons. A vehicle can accept passengers once a driver is seated simply by a passenger walking up to the vehicle and hitting their Use key. They will automatically be seated in the next open seat, whether it be in the front cab or the rear area of the vehicle. Passengers and drivers can shift positions by hitting the number keys such as 1 for driver and 2 - 6 for passengers slots depending on the size of the vehicle.

24. Flashlight - small bugfix on the flashlight

25. BSP Penetration - all weapons can now penetrate BSP along with the existing static mesh penetration system. Mappers also can designate brush areas with the SAS Level Info actor that can't be penetrated by weapons fire as well

26. Bullet Ricochet - at certain angles bullets will ricochet off walls

27. Vehicle HUD - a basic HUD setup for vehicles that denotes how much health a vehicle has

28. Ladder Code - new ladder code that prevents players from accidently falling off ladders and allows them to control their movements on the ladder with a mouse instead of a keyboard. Players can also now strafe on ladders if their is enough room to do so

29. Weapon Ammo - all weapons now are given 4 magazines each

30. Grenade Surface Hits - grenades no longer make a surface hit sound when they enter water

31. Flash Grenades in Water - flashbang grenades no longe go off when underwater

32. Tickets Bug - a respawn bug associated with the Team Tickets server side option has been fixed

33. Control Spot Events - when a control spot is taken (OBJ gametype) an event can be triggered

34. SAS Player Stats - players can view thier stats in a variety of areas at

35. Mover Reset Actor - a new map actor that allows the mapper to reset all movers that he designated in a map to their starting position

36. Going Deaf - if you are too close to a frag or flashbang explosion but manage to survive you'll be deaf for a few seconds before the sounds return to their default volume


1. Frag Grenades - three new randomized explosion sounds have been added

2. AK-47 - a new firing effect has been added

3. Flashlight - new on/off sounds have been added

4. Ambient Sound Packages - some of the ambient sound packages have been changed to remove older looped sound groups


1. Operation Full Moon (TDM) - a new map set in a small town where OpFor is holed up in one of the local homes. The SAS are tasked with raiding the house and eliminating the OpFor presence.

2. Toy SoldiersRemix (TDM) - a new low gravity fun map where all players are roughly the size of action figures playing in a room of normal size. Vehicles are available here so they can drive around, swim in the fishtank or run around all the oversized furniture. SAS and OpFor must capture two sets of action figures to win.

3. Codename Hunt (TDM) - a new map by community mapper Prototom set in a staging base used by the SAS to hunt down Yugoslavian war criminals when OpFor launches an attack on the base.

4. Vertigo (OBJ) - a new map set in a multi floor office tower building that OpFor has captured and plans to destroy once they setup and use their Stinger missles. The SAS are tasked with securing the missile and explosive caches.

5. Home Invasion (OBJ) - a new map set in a remote home that the SAS are using as a command post for operations in the local area. They must defend the command center from an OpFor attack.

6. Operation Nimrod (TDM) - something of a blast from the past, this new map is based on the old Nimrod map made for the never released UT99 version of SAS. The original map was used as a blueprint and the new one re-built from scratch according to those plans and the original content made for the map. Its based on the 1980 Iranian embassy siege where the SAS were called in to end the hostage standoff.

7. Hotel (OBJ) - an updated version of the 3.0 Hotel map, this one features new visuals in the guest wing, new layouts around the stairwells and conference room plus working doors to both the conference and ball rooms

8. Mall (OBJ) - an updated version of the 3.0 Mall map, this one is a smaller

more compact version with new stairwells and other gameplay tweaks

9. Airbase (SAB) - an updated version of the 3.0 Airbase with driveable vehicles added so players can get around the map faster to plant/defuse explosives

10. VehicleTest (TDM) - a fun box map with lots of vehicles so players can go crazy

11. Concrete Jungle (TDM) - a new urban map set in a crumbling housing area where OpFor has setup a small operational base

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