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Q3 Roger Wilco Thingy v3.6

This is a great little add-on for Roger Wilco and Quake 3 that allows people to change RogerWilco servers and channels from within Quake 3.

Version info

1.0 - first release

1.3 - add restart feature

2.0 - added mIRC link / reduce frequency of Q3 console scanning

2.1 - mIRC nick changing

RTCW support

various other little features :)

2.2 - fix 'space in path' problem when telling mIRC to load script

2.3 - minor tweaks for RTCW support

2.4 - text beep & 'gong' noise added for RTCW (the gong is heavy knocking!)

2.5 - Custom 'away' message (2nd line of message)

2.6 - Ability to follow a player onto a Q3 server by right clicking on their name in mIRC

2.7 - If the location of RogerWilco cannot be determined automatically, you will be warned (with a nice yellow button) so you can set it manually.

Also, tried to reduce time to switch RW channels to a minimum.

3.0 - When minimized the program goes to the system tray

Re-starting of RogerWilco re-coded to have less impact on performance within Q3 The IP of the server you are playing on is now cached after the 1st time someone asks for the info (using !gameinfo from mIRC)

'Join their server' shows server info window, with auto-refresh and 'stay on top' feature.

3.1.4 - removed 'undocumented program features' (not bugs, honest ;)

namely, fixed problem on 'server info' form when you had auto refresh turned

on and tried to type in a server password, you would lose focus from the password box. Also fixed error message when auto-refreshing on a full server.

3.2.1 - don't allow max on server info form

3.2.2 - minor bug tweak, should stop error if u minimize the server info form in the middle of a refresh

3.2.3 - handles invalid data returned from server query

3.3 - new feature - history of servers displayed on the server info form

3.3.1 - re-organised server info page, which is now only 'on-top' when toggled into 'small' mode

3.4 - new feature - list RogerWilco users from within game, notify when users join/leave RW

3.5 - correct bug that meant it still interacted with mirc even if that feature 'un-ticked'

allow all commands to be bound by using echo __ (so ///rwu works from the console, echo __rwu works from a bound key)

made sure all commands are case-insensitive (oops ;)

3.6 - recognises registered RogerWilco :)

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