Battlefield 2 - Operation Peacekeeper Hotfix Patch v0.31

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Battlefield 2 - Operation Peacekeeper Hotfix Patch v0.31

With this fix we removed some bugs, which are present in the actual version.

For example the viewdistance on Recall was lowered to get control over the heavy Sniperbattles. Additionally players with older ATI-Graphiccards will be able to play the maps with the British Forces. The crash was caused by the silenced SpecOps weapon and should be now part of the past. Anoter change was made to the Combatarea on Operation Peppermint to make it fit your wishes.

Maps changes:

replaced old 0.25 versions (found their way into 0.3 by SVN Server issues)

Village and Battle of the Last Outpost update to 0.27

(main problems both maps were flagtimes and flags in team posession in 0.25, are now fixed again)


reduced sight range from 250 to 185 mtr. to balance sniper overpower (as requested by the community)

flagbalance for ticketbleed


switched the 64 layer with the 32 layer. (as requested by serverhosters and community)

Layers are now used as followed:

64 layer-> normal tank fight as ever in the versions before

32 layer-> Inf fight with few light vehicles (previous 64 layer)

16 layer-> tank fight as ever with bo105 and gazelle as issued in v.0.25 in 64 layer

Osije Valley:

added map description


new deathzone layout (as requested by the community)


Fixing the CTD issue with the L119 texture on recall and peppermint related to old ati graphic cards (shadermodel <3.0). (that was quite a pain in the ass)

Overall worktime for this hotfix:

approx. 10 hours.

and about 50 h worktime accumulated

(mainly for locating the problem with texture from the L119 silencer - only occuring on older ATI cards)

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