The Lonely View

This is an interesting map with some cool, fast jumps, and...

The Lonely View

This is an interesting map with some cool, fast jumps, and an nifty little cage of death with a lonely view.

The Lonely View by: CyberBob


Title : The Lonely View

Date : 3/28/2000

Filename : TheLonelyView.pk3

Author : CyberBob (Bob Del Papa)

Email Address : [email protected]

Description : A kind of platforms type of level with a surprise cage of death

Additional Credits to : SMKnight for umm... helping me with stuff.

Other Stuff : The site where the map can be found SMKnight and I are working on many future projects. We hope to do another Goldeneye based level. My next map should come out very soon.


- Play Information -

Players : Designed to be a 3-7 player death match level but is still good with as many players as you want.

Bots : Of course.

Weapons : Rocket Launcher, Rail Gun, Plasma Gun, Lightning Gun, Shot Gun, and BFG hehe.

Armor : Two body armors, lots of shards, and much health

Music : No real music but there is a cool sound effect from Scar Tissue by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

>>>>>>>>TO PLAY THIS MAP<<<<<<<<

Put the thelonelyview.pk3 file into your baseq3 directory, and type "\map thelonelyview" at the console.

- Construction -

Base : Made from scratch

Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant two versions 181 and then 197

Additional Tools : MSPaint, and Adobe Home Deluxe

Known Bugs : Be careful with the jumps they are tested to be accurate but they can send you all over the place.

Build Time :A very long time. I worked on it left it for a while and then finished it

Textures used : Many

Compile machine : P3/700 with 128Mb Ram, NVIDIA TNT 2,

- Copyright / Permissions -

You should enjoy this map but not take credit for it. Feel free to use any ideas or textures in it but give credit where it is deserved. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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