Deserted conversion for Q3

A converted Quake2 map originally made by Mr...

Deserted conversion for Q3

A converted Quake2 map originally made by Mr. Pibb for the Freeze Tag mod. Good for two or more players. Has bot support.


Title : Deserted

Date : 12/22/99

Filename : desertedq3.pk3

Author : Mr. Pibb, conversion by {TLK}Prissy

Email Address :

Description : Originally a map built for Quake 2, Freeze : Tag and was too be played with the use of

: the grappling hook, so you better learn to

: rocket jump real fast! hehehe!

Additional Credits to : id software

: Mastaba ( for : Q2toQ3A. Nice tool; thanks! :)


- Play Information -

Players : Awwww, pack 'em in for a frag fest!

Bots : Yes

Weapons : Of course! :P

Armor : Yellow Armor, Shards, Red Armor

Ammo : Many

Health : Enough. Just stay alive...problem solved! :)

Just put the .pk3 file into your baseq3 directory, and type "\map desertedq3" at the console.

- Construction -

Base : Deserted

Editor(s) used : Q2toQ3A

Known Bugs : None. Pibb is perfect! :)

Build Time : 30 minutes.

Textures used : Deserted!

- Other Info -

My first time trying this, so be kind! I cry easily! :)

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