Torben- The Traitor

Your task from the guildmaster is to head out on an...

Torben- The Traitor

Your task from the guildmaster is to head out on an assassination mission to silence a traitor.

17. Juni 1999


Author: Tony Kl├╝ver

Contact info:

Homepage: none

Date of release: 17. Juni 1999 Description: Small and fast level. The Guildmaster has sent you to assasinate a traitor. Briefing: no -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Play Information * Game: Thief: The Dark Project

Mission Title: Torben - The Traitor

File name: miss15.mis

Difficulty Settings: no

Equipment store: no

Map / automap: yes

New graphics: no

New sounds: no

Multi language support: yes (partial, my english is terrible) Briefing : no (read the letter in your inventory!) Difficulty level info:easy * Construction * Base: from scratch

Build Time:about 20 hours -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Loading information * Copy the into "mission" folder and then run the level with Thiefloader. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Copyright * This level is (c) by lOnDo 1999 Do whatever you want with this level.

This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos Interactive.

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