Quake 3 Arena - Challenge ProMode Arena v1.40 update

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  • Program by arQon and the quake3/ioq3 source

Quake 3 Arena - Challenge ProMode Arena v1.40 update

An updated client executable for Quake 3, replaces the standard Quake3.exe and offers numerous tweaks and performance enhancements. This does not support Punkbuster

19 Dec 07 - 1.40

the code now requires a C++ compiler

MASSIVE cleanups of the codebase, tho still plenty of bits left

screenshot filename is YYYY_MM_DD-HH_MM_SS-TTT

this means they'll never collide *; moviemakers won't run out;

and the engine DOESN'T STAT 10,000 FILES EVERY FRAME

(* except at 2am on an autumn night if you're amazingly unlucky :P)

demo filename is YYYY_MM_DD-HH_MM_SS

fixed demos to be MAX_OSPATH instead of MAX_QPATH, ie 256 chars now

renamed cl_mouseAccel to m_accel

removed ioq3 "qkey" rubbish

removed support for BMP and PCX

removed fs_cdpath, fs_copyfiles, touchfile, fs_restrict

removed support for IPX

removed in_logitechbug

updated cpu detection

added TTF support

fixed a bunch of stuff in ScanAndLoadShaderFiles, but it's still crap

fixed the patch collision epsilon bugs of 1.34

reverted to id's tab-completion since ioq3's is so hated

i've semi-merged them atm, will fix up when i get time

interpreted vm is never used on platforms that support compiled vm

clampmaps and nomip images use GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE rather than GL_CLAMP

disabled curl until it's brought up to standard

merged platform-specific *_net.* into qcommon/net_ip.cpp, <3 timbo :)

fixed USERINFO vars not being sent properly during connect

remove some network stuff (buffer sizes and TOS) http://support.microsoft.com/kb/248611

12 Sep 07 - released as 1.34, since it was about time we did :P

increased default MAX_POLYS to 8K and MAX_POLYVERTS to 32K

Aug 07

fixed a bug in the skybox code that tried to use a 0-length CVA

which makes recent nvidia drivers go into spaz mode

changed r_ext_multisample default to 0 to stop ix nagging :P

July 07

added support for curl

improved some network stuff (buffer sizes and TOS)

added support for mouse5-mouse8

1 May 07

remove broken useless cl_freezeDemo and make demo pausing work

just use timescale 0

27 Apr 07

ripped out all support for legacy substandard hw/drivers (ie Voodoo etc)

and r_maskMinidriver

uncorrected mode 8 back to 1280x1024

18 Jul 06

update various cvar defaults

r_stencilbits: 0

r_picmip: 0

r_roundImagesDown: 0

r_simpleMipMaps: 0

s_useOpenAL: 0

default fs_game to cpma

30 Jun 06 - initial build from ioq3 svn v810

mode 8 corrected to 1280x960

undefined USE_OPENAL

removed GetUserName call

removed stupid+broken r_dlightbacks

created dlight texture correctly

fixed the dlight code

removed the explicit and incorrect "vertexlight==1 == disable dlights" test

removed redundant r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic

removed retarded cl_consoleHistory

removed redundant cl_autoRecordDemo

shader spew made developer 1

gl extensions spew made developer 1

pak list made fs_debug 1

removed the TA cvars that were hacked into the engine

reordered demo_protocols to reduce spew

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