Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Equipable Map Mod v2.0

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  • Program by kellpossible

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Equipable Map Mod v2.0

It's very similar to Minecraft's map, if you look up, you can see more of the world around you, and if you look down you can see more of the map.The thing that sparked me to create this, was that I didn't like the uncanny similarity between skyrim's world map and a gps device, with it's plot of current position. Even though the 3d map is very cool, it didn't feel rustic or skyrimish at all, and felt like cheating. So I created this. I would suggest putting the map in your favourites and equiping it using a number for quickly looking at it.

Maps will be scattered throughout skyrim and will be available in stores or to be found. Each city's general store will sell a map of the surrounding area. The more detailed or specific maps will be harder to find, or more expensive.

In general, maps will display only natural features, such as mountains and waterways. I'll endevour to give names to all the major peaks, rivers, lakes and roads, if they don't already have one. Outstanding structures, which can easily serve as landmarks from a distance may also get a mention.

Also a possible feature, once the CK comes out would be an optional small moving pin on the map showing the player's current location, just for those who can't live without it!

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