Dark Towers

Play CTF in these two floating towers of Skaarj history....

Dark Towers

Play CTF in these two floating towers of Skaarj history.

!!********!!!!PRIOR NOTE!!!!*********!!

Please do not modify/change any area in this file.


This is my first attempt at mapping and I haven't learned or understood every concept yet.

I made this map because I loved those outdoor maps, it gave a sense of freedom unlike indoor ones

where you seemed confined to a few rooms and hallways. I got some of my ideas from "CTF-Face" (two large

towers facing each other) and some were my own ideas (warp zones at the bottom of the towers), though not

original. I have a few problems with the map, ie. the bots have trouble getting the flag back to base after grabbing it,

and how they almost never jump into the warpzones(maybe I should have just made teleporters instead) having trouble gettin' them to

snipe too, not to mention a bit dumb climbing up and down the stairs. You may also notice how blocky everything is too.

I'll try and make some improvements in the next version. Finally, I'd like to thank Tony Garcia, a.k.a. Wolf,

for the tutors for UnrealED. ([email protected])

**************MAP INFO*****************

Title: Dark Towers

Filename: CTF-Towers.zip

Version: v 1.00

Description: Capture the Flag map for Unreal Tournament

Author: Su Wang (male!) a.k.a. |\|EUTR0N

Author E-mail: [email protected]

Special Thanks: Wolf,

the Easter holidays, a break from school.

*************PLAY INFO*****************

Game: Unreal Tournament

Map: CTF-Towers

DM: No

AS: No

CTF: Yes


New Sounds: No

New Graphics: Yes (sort of... not really)

Recommended Players: 8-12

Recommended Mods: Jumpmatch, Low Grav (my two favourite mods)

NOTE: There are 3 ways to the enemy flag,

one of them more of a suicide leap and the other two

involving climbing up the LONG spiral staircase.


Base: New map from scratch

Build Time: Approx. 1 week

Editor: UnrealED

Known Bugs: ...


Unzip the .zip file, move the .unr file into the Maps folder and the .utx file into the

textures folder.


I've tried to add a story to my map, most of you would probably think it's crap.

According to historians, the two towers were supposed to be a sort of

holy place where the people of that time went on journeys very similar to pilgrimages of the

Medieval times on Earth. The former race that lived on this planet were very religious and thought

mating as a form of sin, which eventually led to their extinction. Just years before this planet was

discovered, the race known as the Skaarj scavenged the remaining treasures of the planet and burned the rest

to the ground. Fortunately for us, they never found the towers which has now become the only key to the dead race.

The way the two towers float has baffled even the most intelligent

species of the known universe. It was at this point that the Liandri Corp. began to take interest in the area.

Two months later, a huge project began to transform the towers to a Capture the flag Arena.

The project costed billions and the poisonous liquids of the "sea" in the area were pumped out and

"fresh" seawater replaced it. After one year, the project was

finished the area was named: "Dark Towers".

Copyright/Permissions/Distribution Information

This level is copyright (c) 2000 by the Author.

This level is not supported by Legend Entertainment or Epic Games.

Any reproduction or commercial distribution of the map file is prohibited

without the prior permission of the Author.

You are allowed to distribute this level on a non-commercial basis, for example

over the internet and any other medium that is free of charge. You must distri-

bute the whole ZIP with .unr and .txt file, though.

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