Elite Force Bonus Holomatch Map Pack

The Bonus Holomatch Map Pack is a collection of three new...

Elite Force Bonus Holomatch Map Pack

The Bonus Holomatch Map Pack is a collection of three new levels from Raven Software for Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force. It includes two new Capture the Flag levels and a Team Holomatch level.

Star Trek: Voyager(R) - Elite Force(TM)

Bonus Holomatch Map Pack

Map Names: ctf_space, ctf_canyon, hm_dn3




Open with any zip program.

Extract raven_trekmaps1.pk3 into the BaseEF folder, located inside your Elite Force folder (default location is c:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force").

CTF_Space, CTF_Canyon, and HM_DN3 will be added to the 'create game' menu, and you can select the maps as normal.


Map Overviews


Forge Debris, by Jeremy Statz

: This is a low gravity, junk/ construction zone similar to the one seen in the single-player game. It's also a sniper's field day, and players have to keep on the move to remain at all safe. It is best played with at least six players, but can support more if needed.

Canyon Temples, by Jeremy Statz

: A physically massive level consisting of two bases on opposite ends of a wide canyon. Two aquaducts connect them and a rocky path winds below those. This level can support a very large number of players, but because of its sheer size may have some slowdown on lower-end machines.

Point Blank, by Scott McNutt

: Two large areas with several connecting structures and pathways, this map has a lot of vertical fighting and works well for 1 on 1 matches as well. This is a fairly small Holomatch map suited for six or so players.

Note: Forge Debris and Canyon Temples are designed for Capture The Flag, but may also be used for Holomatch and Team Holomatch. Point Blank cannot be used for Capture the Flag.

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